Sustainable, productive, and versatile -SACMI Packaging to take center-stage at Gulfood Manufacturing

From 4.0 cap and perform lines to high-productivity, flexible labeling machines and the latest electronic, versatile wrapping machines by SACMI Packaging & Chocolate: a comprehensive range of ‘green packaging’ solutions that prioritize versatility and sustainability.
Sustainable, productive, and versatile -SACMI Packaging to take center-stage at Gulfood Manufacturing
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SACMI technology is set to play a key role at Gulfood Manufacturing, the upcoming packaging & processing fair to be held at the World Trade Center in Dubai from 8 to 10 November 2022 (Shk Saeed Hall 3, booth S3-C34). The comprehensive range of solutions on show offers all the versatility and sustainability to meet the needs of today’s customers and markets.

Caps & preforms, advanced controls, and solutions for sustainability, quality, and performance

On the Rigid Packaging front, SACMI will illustrate the latest developments on a production platform that’s designed to provide competitive advantages and enhance sustainability, all thanks to a new generation of machines and controls, and advanced research into recycled/new materials.

The world’s leading provider of cap manufacturing technology, SACMI now offers new set-ups on its CCM machines; these include the CM-Flow extruder, capable of processing up to 200 kg/h of resin while reducing overall dimensions and, above all, electricity consumption. Also available - for the entire range - is Smart Pack. This digital control package combines advanced sensors with onboard controls, allowing for the collection and processing of huge amounts of operating data. This, in turn, allows manufacturers, via the SmartCare service - to predict malfunctions, downtimes, and/or adapt maintenance plans to actual plant conditions. The outcome? Increased plant availability, higher annual output, and drastically lower risk of error by workers.

Developed to respond to new market needs, the 4.0 ‘Made in SACMI’ cap line is available in configurations that include the cap slitting-folding and tamper band machines. This ensures a flexible, advantageous solution that meets the latest tethered standards and boosts your current production capacity regardless of the employed technology.

With regard to sustainability, the very first solution on the market able to obtain virgin resin from recycled caps is now available. And continuously developing new lightweighting standards (low-weight caps produced at high speed) as part of the wider cap-preform design and development work done by the SACMI Rigid Packaging Laboratory, which also focuses on innovative containers that use alternative materials (e.g. cellulose fiber) in place of PET.

Moving on from caps to preforms, the recently launched IPS 300 - SACMI’s latest preform press - completes a range that has led the market for ten years, providing solutions that offer excellent performance, low consumption, fast set-ups, and quick changeovers. With the IPS 300, workers’ tasks are streamlined at every stage - from start-up to size changeovers and control of auxiliary units - and reliability is ensured by using only the highest-quality components.

From a sustainability and efficiency perspective, the IPS 300 offers the lowest consumption on the market, just 0.2 kWh/kg. It also makes it easier to use recycled PET in flake form (blends can have a recycled content as high as 75%) and provides further process control advantages.

Manufacturers also have the option of the PVS156 inspection system, which performs intensive online control; the first solution on the market to be integrated directly into the press, it replaces manufacturers’ existing quality control systems by monitoring the process and issuing warnings in the event of any of drifts, all without affecting efficiency.

The D.R.I.V.A.-equipped PVS010L can fully self-adjust in under a minute: all the worker has to do is take the performance and place it in front of the specific camera. More generally, offer the widest range of cutting-edge vision systems on the market, systems that inspect not just caps and preforms but also containers and beverage line/metal packaging processes, all with the utmost accuracy and precision.

So what are you waiting for? SACMI Packaging will be there for you, ready to respond to your needs and provide you with technologically cutting-edge solutions that also cover metal caps, dairy and pharma containers, and multilayer and single-serve products, not to mention the assembly machines provided by VELOMAT, which joined the SACMI Group in 2020.

FLEXI Opera, maximum labeling flexibility on a single platform

SACMI Beverage provides comprehensive labeling solutions that ensure high productivity, versatility, and the ability to work efficiently with different materials and container formats.

More specifically, FLEXI OPERA is a modular machine that can handle cylindrical or shaped containers in glass or plastic. The same platform also lets manufacturers control a variety of labeling systems, such as those for the application of pre-cut, wrap-around, or self-adhesive labels.

It can apply one or more labels on the same container using either the same technology or a combination of different technologies such as cold glue, roll-fed, adhesive, or hot melt.

SACMI Beverage FLEXI OPERA is available in a range of configurations and can easily be installed on existing lines. The exceptional design optimizes machine size, with plenty of scope for a ‘plug & play approach that makes it easy to scale up investments over time (i.e. if new needs arise, the customer can simply add new or optional modules without having to replace the machine).

On FLEXI Opera, excellent accessibility to the main carousel, individual labeling stations, and feed devices makes changeovers both faster and easier while simplifying routine cleaning and maintenance. The machine can handle up to 70,000 applications per hour according to a multi-material (glass, PET), multi-labeling (different types of labels/labeling technologies) logic that maximizes precision, even at the highest speeds.

Chocolate wrapping, new HBT ‘hybrid’ solutions for chocolate bars

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate is a leading provider of complete chocolate preparation and molding solutions, marketed under the Carle & Montanari brand name. It also supplies primary and secondary packaging solutions for chocolate and other food and non-food products under its OPM brand. In addition to sustainability-focused automation and versatility, the SACMI Packaging & Chocolate range ensures a targeted response to the latest market trends.

For example, the new HTB chocolate bar wrap machine is revolutionizing the approach to wrapping technology thanks to the use of advanced electronics as opposed to a purely mechanical design concept.

With HTB, time, pressure, and temperature in the sealing area form part of a continuous, adaptive flow that corresponds to the specific wrapping material, which can be traditional or eco-sustainable. In addition to outstanding performance - up to 250 bars per minute - HTB ensures maximum flexibility and accuracy of movement according to the characteristics of the product and the wrapping materials.

For example, the flexible sealing system ensures excellent adaptability to different materials, with ‘gentle handling’ guaranteed, even with the most delicate products.

A smaller footprint, a ‘mirror’ layout, and an ergonomic design (with a special cantilevered framework that limits the build-up of product residue) complete the picture. The result: a solution that’s easy to maintain and install on existing lines. Manufacturers can also take advantage of a self-diagnostics kit and connect the machine directly to SACMI's assistance services to ensure predictive, proactive maintenance management.

The HTB takes its cue from a new approach to wrapping machine and flow pack design: an approach that SACMI Packaging & Chocolate uses to augment sustainability by working alongside leading manufacturers of environment-friendly wrapping materials such as paper-based compostable and bio-polymeric materials.

Visit the SACMI stand at Gulfood Manufacturing, Dubai, World Trade Center, 8 to 10 November 2022 (Shk Saeed Hall 3, booth S3-C34)

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