TNA unveils brand new hydro cutting system for French fries at Anuga FoodTec 2024

New tna conti cut with innovative ‘switcher’ technology will boost capacity, efficiency and uptime for customers processing french fries
TNA unveils brand new hydro cutting system for French fries at Anuga FoodTec 2024
Photo - TNA

TNA Solutions has revealed its latest innovation in french fries processing, delivering greater efficiency, flexibility, and consistency. The new TNA Conti cut hydro cutting system, with cutting-edge ‘switcher’ technology, was unveiled at TNA Solutions’ stand (Hall 10.1 | Stand E068) at Anuga FoodTec 2024. Visitors to the stand from now until 22 March can view the integral ‘switcher’ first-hand, which enables the hydro cutting system to efficiently deliver against the industry’s highest output capacity (approx. 30 Mt/hr).

“With the global french fries market set to grow to over $40bn in terms of value by 2027[1], our customers require solutions that deliver maximum capacity and the highest levels of efficiency and uptime,” said Twan van den Berg, global sales manager Processing at TNA solutions. “The new tna Conti cut has been designed to deliver against this incredible market growth, and we are proud to be displaying the innovative switcher alignment and cutting technology here at Anuga FoodTec.”

Switcher technology within the tna conti cut delivers many benefits:

  • Drive efficiency, productivity, reduced waste, and uptime with designated alignment tubes and integrated knife blocks. Depending on the final product to be processed and potato size used, both are exchangeable.

  • Achieve the longest cut size possible when processing potatoes in high volumes through the alignment tubes.

  • An interchangeable knife block adds flexibility, enabling potatoes to be cut into different shapes and sizes, such as sticks, wedges, and slices.

  • The tna conti-cut hydro-cutting system guarantees a smooth cutting surface, resulting in less oil pick-up than a mechanically cut surface, reducing oil usage and fat content.

  • A blockage is detected using a pressure transmitter or flowmeter installed in the switcher (e.g., broken knives/products stuck in the knife block).

  • Maintain uptime as the switcher automatically rotates the revolver to a new alignment tube and knife block, allowing the operator to take out the clogged knife block and replace the knives.

“Compared with a mechanical cutter, where centrifugal force is used to drop potatoes randomly onto a high-speed rotating cutting head, the tna Conti cut hydro cutting system uses the alignment tube within the switcher to ensure the potato is consistently positioned lengthways to produce a longer cut,” said van den Berg. “If we take strips as an example, this longer cut is vital when supplying customers such as quick service restaurants that require the longest strips possible. The hydro cutter also creates a smoother throughput, which reduces oil usage, delivers a lower fat product, and simultaneously increases efficiency.”

Working with TNA experts to determine the correct configuration for a specific french fries processing line is highly recommended. The process and technical expertise they can provide, along with a customer’s in-depth operation knowledge, will ensure the resulting solution delivers above and beyond expectations. 

“What we are demonstrating at Anuga FoodTec, in addition to this cutting-edge innovation, is our in-depth understanding of the balance required to satisfy consumers and retailers while keeping brands profitable,” added van den Berg. “We use our capabilities, expertise, and portfolio to deliver complete line solutions in partnership with our customers, drawing on our deep process knowledge to ensure any new technologies can be integrated with minimal operational disruption and maximum impact.”

Visit TNA solutions at Anuga FoodTec this week to see the ‘switcher’ technology first-hand (Hall 10.1 | Stand E068) 

 [1] Source: GlobalData (Retail & Foodservice Combined Figure)

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