UFlex addresses customers’ dynamic needs to be a front-runner in technology and business

A leading flexible packaging solution provider with customers across FMCG, consumer product goods, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors.
Parwez Izhar, senior vice president, Printing Cylinders Business, UFlex
Parwez Izhar, senior vice president, Printing Cylinders Business, UFlex

Established in 1985, UFlex has become one of India's most reliable flexible packaging companies. The company offers an extensive range of manufacturing capacities of packaging films, flexible packaging, printing, and other value-added packaging applications, that cater to its customers spread across 140 countries. The services include technologically superior packaging for various products such as snack foods, candy, confectionery, sugar, rice and other cereals, beverages such as tea and coffee, and more.

Introducing the company, Parwez Izhar, senior vice president, Printing Cylinders Business, UFlex, said, "UFlex is India's largest multinational flexible packaging, materials, and solutions company and we own one of the largest printing cylinders businesses in India. Our business runs out of facilities in Noida, Jammu, and Sanand (Gujarat). We manufacture a range of printing cylinders, flexo plates and flexo sleeves that find their use in a large number of sectors, including FMCG, pharmaceutical, personal care, home decor, and more. From design to print, the cylinders business traverses a complete lifecycle and offers infallible printing consistency to our customers."

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Staying ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology

UFlex stays ahead of its competition due to its advanced technologies. UFlex’s Noida plant consists of a conventional electro-mechanical engraving line, a robotic laser engraving line, and a laser embossing line. According to Izhar, UFlex occupies a major share of the printing cylinder market in India. He said, “Laser-embossed cylinders are our niche products.”

Fostering sustainability through low GSM laser cylinders, compatible with water-based inks

Due to water-based awareness about sustainability worldwide, the printing industry is transitioning from solvent-based inks to water-based inks. Commenting on this transition, Izhar said, “UFlex manufactures low GSM laser cylinders for water-based inks from its robotic laser engraving line. This line produces high-quality cylinders with unique security features.”

UFlex also manufactures flexo plates called Kodak FLEXCEL NX Plates that have been tested successfully for water-based inks. These plates are the preferred choice for printing flexo requirements due to their square spot imaging technology. Some key features of FLEXCEL NX Plates include:

  • High-definition results

  • Print efficiencies and compatibility with sustainable inks

  • Uniform ink lay down on substrates

  • Up to 20% ink savings in the case of white ink

  • Shorter turnaround time

Izhar further emphasized the importance of using toluene-free inks in printing. He said, “Sustainable and compatible inks are the need of the present and future packaging.”

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Robotic Laser Engraving Line from Think Laboratory, Japan

To ensure that engraving meets international standards, UFlex imported a robotic laser engraving line from Think Laboratory, Japan. In this line, dynamically balanced base shells with accurate thickness and hardness are passed through high-precision imported grinders. Izhar highlighted a few key advantages of this niche line, which include:

  • High-definition results and vibrant images

  • Unique security features

  • Consistency in printing

  • High repeatability and reproducibility

  • Ink savings

  • Fully automated line

  • 25-30% lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels as compared to a conventional line

Speaking about the innovation in security features, Izhar explained, "Fine text and images can be hidden in the design that is visible with a lenticular film. This unique anti-counterfeiting feature is exclusively available with UFlex and is gaining attention with brand owners."

At Plastindia 2023

UFlex participated in Plastindia 2023 held recently ( 1 to 5 February 2023) at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. Plastindia covers the entire gamut of plastics producers, processors, and users of plastics and witnesses extensive participation by both Indian and international plastics and packaging players. UFlex displayed its laser-embossed cylinders, coating cylinders, flexo plates, and a few samples of different applications at the trade show.

Marching ahead

UFlex is increasingly expanding its R&D infrastructure further to ramp up its business and its extensive product portfolio. The team focuses on bringing innovative and sustainable products using UFlex's latest technologies.  

According to Izhar, eco-friendly solutions and bioplastic packaging are the upcoming trends that will change the face of the flexible packaging industry.

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