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Offering a wide range of baking possibilities with customized bakery production lines.
Ankit Kaushal, Vice President, Sales, New Era Machines at Inter FoodTech Snack & BakeTec 2023
Ankit Kaushal, Vice President, Sales, New Era Machines at Inter FoodTech Snack & BakeTec 2023

Established over six decades ago in 1956, New Era Machines has been catering to the dynamic needs of the biscuit, bakery, and confectionery industry with its turnkey biscuit, cookie and cracker production lines for a long time. The company has a global presence, a 300+ strong and skilled workforce, 2 huge manufacturing powerhouses, and years of manufacturing expertise.

Informing us about the company’s services, Ankit Kaushal, Vice President, Sales, New Era Machines said, “We at New Era Machines, take pride in offering a one-stop solution for all your biscuit, cracker, and cookie production needs irrespective of the dough, recipe, or filling. Our diverse portfolio of offerings includes hard dough, soft dough and cookie production lines, baking, and post-baking systems.”

Machines that ensure quality biscuit production

According to Kaushal, New Era Machines has three central pillars in its design and manufacturing philosophy that make it stand apart from the rest of the competition. These include 60+ years of manufacturing expertise, compliance with leading global benchmarks and worldwide presence, and hassle-free installation, operation, and management of production lines and baking systems.

“Quality is one of the core pillars of our philosophy. We have stringent and exhaustive checks and balances conducted by dedicated experts to ensure only the best of the lot reaches our valuable clientele. Going global and earning trust is a challenging task and comes with a lot of responsibility, we take pride in being certified and accredited by independent esteemed bodies for meeting their high standards,” he stated.

Building a versatile biscuit production line

The right kind of equipment can make or break a product. It is, therefore necessary to build production lines that suit the customer’s requirements and the products being manufactured. Commenting on the efforts needed to make an efficient production unit, Kaushal said, “A versatile biscuit production line involves a lot of R&D from top to bottom. From the conceptualization and design phase to actual manufacturing and delivery, a lot of ground is to be covered. I am extremely thankful to our team of designers, engineers, and experts who make sure that our advanced production lines meet the ever-dynamic demands of the present effectively and efficiently without compromising on quality or features.”

Catching eyes at Inter FoodTech 2023

New Era Machines brought its services to the recently concluded event Inter FoodTech held in Mumbai from 7 to 9 June. At the event, the company featured its advanced production line with an integrated packing system and tray de-nesting support that gives a seamless and hassle-free experience to its clients from dough feeding to actual packaging. This makes them comprehensive solutions for all types of diverse and varied customer needs.

Talking about the team’s experience at the trade show, Kaushal said, “It is always a pleasure and honor to be a part of an event like Inter FoodTech, where you get to meet such brilliant minds from the industry and get valuable feedback and suggestions to further fine-tune our offerings. We are extremely grateful to all the visitors, staff, and patrons of this grand event for their continued love and support. Their constant interest, valuable feedback, and unwavering confidence drive and push us for more.”

Trade shows allow companies to achieve their business goals. Agreeing to this, he remarked, “Platforms like Inter FoodTech are instrumental to our business success, they help in bringing together a diverse, global, and passionate audience under one roof and help us understand their requirements better. We get a variety of interesting inputs from a wide user base that greatly helps us plan for an optimum solution to specific issues. It also paves the way for systematic planning for future additions to our turnkey systems and the introduction of new ones.”

The path ahead

New Era Machines aims to give its clients the ultimate baking experience and make the biscuit production journey enjoyable, efficient, and effective, according to Kaushal. “We plan on expanding our global footprint, reaching a wider audience, and enhancing our R&D. We are introducing key features to our production lines and baking systems and keeping them aligned with the ever-changing biscuit production landscape,” he said, signing off.

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