Advanced solutions help producers to reduce waste

5 ways to support lean manufacturing
Advanced solutions help producers to reduce waste
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Advanced weighing and inspection solutions can support producers in reducing waste and optimizing process efficiency. The examples that follow demonstrate how key areas of waste reduction bulk food producers can maximize their “Lean” potential.

Eliminate the waste of unnecessary motion

Capture data efficiently

Unnecessary motion is any movement in a process that reduces productivity. Paper-based data capture is often a disruptive process step within automated routines. Eliminating paper-based steps can be a starting point for advanced process automation. Smart connectivity options, including edge-computing gateways, offer multiple options for efficient data transfer to higher-level ERP or cloud systems.

Reduce waste in inventory

Maximize tank accuracy

Inventory must be stored, packaged and transported within a facility, which requires space, motion, and time. When storing goods in tanks, one way of reducing waste is by increasing the weighing accuracy. Accurate inventory control built on digital load cells allows for precise goods management and can eliminate motion buffers between production steps.

Eliminate the pitfall of wasted time

Reduce routine test frequency

With tight schedules, every production stoppage represents lost time. Pre-planned downtime can be significantly improved during routine testing of some product inspection equipment. Reduced Test Mode in metal detection systems can lower the frequency of routine testing by up to 83 percent while maintaining required inspection quality.

Eliminate the waste of mistakes

Ensure accuracy in the formulation

Waste from defects should be prevented where possible. When manually preparing small amounts of valuable ingredients in a formulation room, small errors in the recipe-weighing process can lead to the loss of an entire batch. Form+ is a recipe management software that guides operators through the weighing process and reduces the risk of waste or batch re-work.

Eliminate waste in processes

Reduce false rejects

False rejects occur when a “good” product is rejected from the production process due to changes in product characteristics or issues with the reject device. Both can lead to significant product waste. Advanced software, combined with sophisticated reject devices in metal detection and x-ray inspection systems, can virtually eliminate false rejects.

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