Markem-Imaje introduces the market first hybrid continuous inkjet printer

Markem-Imaje's 9750+ continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer
Markem-Imaje's 9750+ continuous inkjet (CIJ) printerPhoto - Markem-Imaje

Markem-Imaje (MI), the global provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions and industrial marking and coding systems, has launched the 9750+ continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer to support customers in cut costs and reduce inventory needs for pigment and dye inks.

The hybrid coder provides the flexibility to print standard dark codes or color-contrasted codes by using dyes or pigmented inks while delivering legibility and permanence.

The revolutionary polyvalent ink circuit, the first of its kind for coding, enables manufacturers to use one printer across factories, regardless of ink and packaging. Through this market-first approach, manufacturers will be able to streamline ink inventory and installed base management.

This premium upgrade to MI’s 9750+ follows its global launch last year and forms part of a series of upcoming innovations which will see MI support customers in meeting some of the challenges of today’s manufacturing environment. This includes improving sustainability, maximizing uptime, and supporting industry 4.0 integration.

Guillaume Montagnat, product marketing manager, MI, said, “We are enormously proud of the 9750+, which has been designed in direct response to our customer’s needs. For the first time, it allows manufacturers to use one model to code in both dye or pigmented ink. This is the latest innovation from our CIJ team and adds to a portfolio that includes coders which cut VOCs even when using MEK inks. By using the consumable-saving mode, the 9750+ and the 9750 generate up to 35% fewer VOCs.”

CIJ printing is the market’s most popular coding method. Pigment inks, are used when a very long-lasting and crisp code is required and/or where achieving, the desired contrast and legibility with a dye is difficult due to packaging color. Companies, such as large consumer goods manufacturers, often need to use both coding methods. For example, shampoo may be retailed in a dark PET bottle requiring a contrasted pigmented print, while a black dye ink might be better for coding cartons containing increasingly popular solid shampoo bars.

Traditionally, producing both code types required two types of machines and many different spare parts. Introducing the 9750+ MI enables manufacturers to achieve both with one printer model, streamlining maintenance and spare part needs whilst also providing flexibility and lower costs.

Additionally, the 9750+ supports sustainability goals. With the use of MEK-free inks it will cut consumables and volatile organic compound (VOCs) emissions even more: up to 50% as standard and up to 60% using the consumable-saving mode. A market-leading statistic. Sustainability is further enhanced by allowing the swapping out of individual parts and not entire ink circuit blocks, resulting in less equipment going to landfill.

Alongside the hybrid innovation, the 9750+ provides a leading performance producing text messages of up to five lines, logos, and high-resolution 1D and 2D codes, on a vast array of packaging. It benefits from MI’s Intelli’Design® concept delivering one of the industry’s highest uptimes, with all key parts replaceable at the same time, significantly reducing service-related downtime. Plus, its unique Intelli’Inks system ensures optimal performance when coding different materials, while Jet Speed Control automatically adjusts ink and printer variables to provide perfect drop placement, quality, and code consistency, minimizing scrap and rework.

Printing durable and legible data, such as best-before-expiry dates, QR codes, lot numbers, and barcodes, are vital components of a modern supply chain. Done correctly, they help accelerate and improve a product’s journey from manufacturer to end user, while making recalls easier too.

The 9750+’s full-featured Packaging Intelligence Suite powered by CoLOS software allows for accurate, smart, and optimized message design and data management across the factory from a remote location for greater accuracy and efficiency. Furthermore, MI is currently the only manufacturer with a 24-pin interface that is customizable to accept any of the 70+ signals companies might choose to run their line most efficiently.

The 9750+ provides the CIJ market’s most easily customizable integration into an Industry 4.0 production line. Incomplete printer integration can lead to items being produced without codes, this can be the result of, for example, no ink causing scrap or rework. With an M12 input/output (I/O) connector and compatibility with various industrial communications protocols, the 9750+ is easy to integrate fully onto a line. It talks seamlessly to other equipment, stopping lines when necessary. And manufacturers no longer waste time and money in complicated wire installations to achieve this.

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