Mettler-Toledo unveils increased versatility and detectability with new X52 X-Ray solution for challenging applications

Completing the advanced X2 Series of X-ray Inspection Systems: Affordable, future-proof solutions with enhanced sensitivity, dual functionality and unmatched capabilities
Mettler-Toledo unveils increased versatility and detectability with new X52 X-Ray solution for challenging applications
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Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection proudly announces the release of the innovative X52 Dual Energy x-ray inspection system to complete its X2 Series. Designed to meet the demands of challenging applications in packaged products, the X52 sets a new standard in detection capabilities at an incredible price point. The X52’s proprietary software provides increased adaptability by seamlessly transitioning between single-energy, dual-energy, dual-energy, or both modes, optimizing the performance of the system depending on the application.

In single-energy mode, the X52 identifies a wide range of contaminants, including glass, metal, mineral stone, calcified bone, dense plastic, and rubber compounds, based on their material composition. It offers thorough inspection for product safety and quality. Dual-energy mode further enhances accuracy by analyzing materials' densities, providing an advanced detection level to preserve consumer well-being and uphold industry standards. 

The X52 X-ray inspection system excels in efficiency and accuracy by seamlessly detecting foreign body contaminants while completing a broad range of quality assurance checks. Through its advanced technology, the X52 significantly reduces false rejects, easily distinguishing between genuine contaminants and product variations. This precision minimizes unnecessary production halts and disruptions, allowing manufacturers to maintain operations and reduce unnecessary downtime. By maximizing uptime and minimizing waste, the X52 boosts productivity and reduces overall costs, setting a new standard in X-ray inspection technology.

The X52 single and dual-energy x-ray system is designed to future-proof manufacturing operations, instantly accommodating evolving product lines and applications. Its adaptable nature offers long-term reliability and promotes sustainability and cost savings by consolidating multiple detection capabilities into a single machine, reducing the need for additional equipment. This approach gives manufacturers peace of mind as they navigate changing industry landscapes, meaning they can meet current and future production demands efficiently and effectively.

Advanced Technology for High-Contrast Products

Equipped with state-of-the-art features, the X52 offers increased sensitivity thanks to its use of proprietary Advanced Material Discrimination (AMD) and ContamPlus software. Using advanced X-ray technology, the X52 inspects the contents of packaged products with exceptional accuracy. The AMD dual energy software enhances the system's ability to differentiate between materials, offering precise contaminant detection even in challenging scenarios such as products overlapping or varying in thickness. This helps provide peace of mind that your end products are safer, more reliable, and of high quality.

Increasing Accuracy and Reliability

Further showcasing its capabilities, the X52 incorporates HiGain+ DE detector technology, surpassing conventional solutions with enhanced accuracy and reliability. The HiGain+ DE detector, by Mettler-Toledo, provides exceptional sensitivity and resolution, enhancing material analysis with accuracy. This advanced technology offers thorough inspection without compromising efficiency, meeting the evolving needs of manufacturers across industries.

Maximizing Uptime and Performance

Beyond its cutting-edge detection capabilities, the X52 also brings practical benefits to manufacturers, starting with its space-saving design. Engineered with a compact footprint, it maximizes floor space in production facilities without compromising performance. Additionally, the X52 is available with comprehensive service and support from the Mettler-Toledo global network of service experts, offering remote and on-site support so manufacturers can maximize uptime and performance.

Streamlining Regulatory Compliance

Manufacturers can now easily comply with industry standards and streamline regulatory compliance through ProdX, a data management software from Mettler-Toledo that provides complete regulatory documentation. The X52’s user-friendly interface allows easy access to inspection data, enabling quick decision-making and proactive quality control measures.

Committing to Excellence

The X52 embodies the Mettler-Toledo commitment to excellence, combining smart industrial design with streamlined approaches. From elevating Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the X52 operates at peak performance for extended periods of time.

Completing the X2 Series

The X52 completes the line-up for the X2 Series of X-ray inspection systems.

In addition to the X52, the X2 Series consists of two other models – the X12 and X32. All are available in multiple line configurations 800, 1300, 1800, and 2000 millimeter line lengths: 

  • X12 High-Performance X-ray System: This high-performing single-lane X-ray inspection system comes in a standard configuration and is available at an attractive price point. It features the HiGain detector, which generates sharper images to deliver outstanding contaminant detection.

  • X32 Advanced X-ray Solution: Offering enhanced sensitivity and product integrity performance, this x-ray inspection solution features the HiGain+ detector and is available in standard and custom configurations with single or multi-lane capabilities.

“The X52 x-ray inspection system marks a pivotal leap forward in product inspection technology," says Mike Pipe, head of Global Sales and Product Management at Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray. "With its forward-thinking design, the X52 future-proofs manufacturers by detecting unwanted contaminants in even the most challenging packages. Its unmatched performance, innovative features, and comprehensive support set a new product integrity and reliability standard. We are thrilled to provide manufacturers with the tools they need for enhanced product safety, quality, and compliance now and in the future."

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