Nandu’s strengthens its commitment to providing safe and healthy meat

The meat brand to strengthen its commitment and continue to strategically invest in embracing animal welfare measures, responsible farming, and sustainability akin to ESG protocols
Nandu’s strengthens its commitment to providing safe and healthy meat

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In line with its values and mission, Nandu’s, India’s largest hyperlocal and omni-channel meat brand, has announced that it will strengthen its commitment and strategically invest in becoming a 100% sustainable and environment friendly company. The commitment is a reflection and continuation of its pioneering efforts in embracing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) protocols, animal welfare and responsible farming as well as delivering healthy and safe meat and seafood to customers since its inception in 2016.

Protocols followed by Nandu’s

  • At Nandu’s, the poultry stocking density is 2.1 kg/sqft as against 2.7 or 21 kg/m3 as against 30 kg. The birds are more comfortable with this kind of space, as they are kept in open houses in comparison to closed houses as they get ample of fresh air

  • As a practice, Nandu’s spreads litter material as bedding throughout the shed and uses a minimum of 300 kg/1000 birds. This allows the birds to take a litter bath which is a natural behaviour practice of the birds.

  • Birds have easy access to clean drinking water, with a PH of 6-6.5. Water quality is very important as the chicken body contains about 65-70% water.

  • On an average, there’s one feeder/40 birds and one drinker/80 birds, so that birds have access to feed and water 24 hours a day.

  • Nandu’s has been raising the animal welfare standards as it is important and vital for both animal and human health.

As experts in the business of poultry and livestock farming since 1963, Nandu’s (and the larger Nanda Group) is well aware of what it takes to offer consumers meat that is healthy and safe for consumption. From breeding chickens in bio-secure farms to ensuring that they are healthy and free of growth promoters (antibiotics, steroids and hormones), to processing only healthy goats and lambs that are raised responsibly, and to hygienically processing fish and seafood without using harmful chemicals, Nandu’s has been consistently raising the bar.

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Narendra Pasuparthy, chief farmer, founder and CEO, Nandu’s, said, “In today’s times, when health, safety and hygiene have taken centre stage in our lives, it’s natural for consumers to demand greater transparency and trust from brands, particularly in the food segment. At Nandu’s, a zero-waste company in the making, our value proposition is safe and healthy meat that is processed in ultra-hygienic conditions. #SafeMeatHealthyFamily captures this essence and I hope that the message will appeal to our present as well as prospective customers in a world dealing with the pandemic. Nandu’s is proud of how far we have come, and we want to celebrate where we are going.”

Since its inception in 2016, Nandu’s has adopted stringent quality checks across the entire supply chain and followed international food safety standards for processing, handling and storage of meat. The Bengaluru-based company hygienically cleans, cuts and packs the meat in certified food safe processing centres, untouched by bare human hands. The ideal temperature (0-4 degree Celsius) of the processed meat is maintained at its hi-tech cold chain facilities to ensure that there is no contamination or bacterial or microbial growth.

Vinay Gopinath, chief operating officer, Nandu’s, stated, “In a largely unorganised industry dominated by local unbranded shops Nandu’s has been at the forefront of bringing innovation, effectiveness and efficiency to the way meat is produced and delivered to the Indian consumer. We want our loyal customers and those new to the brand to know that when you buy any Nandu’s product – either online or at any of our 50+ stores across Bengaluru – we guarantee absolutely fresh, safe and healthy chicken, mutton, fish or seafood, every single time. And that too, at an affordable price.”

Pavangopal A, chief marketing officer, Nandu’s, further added, “At Nandu’s, we walk the talk in terms of animal welfare, responsible farming and sustainability. Unlike many other brands in the category who simply source products from the market without having control over how it was raised and whether it is safe and healthy, we control the entire supply chain and have absolute transparency in our operations. We understand that shopping for meat and seafood is not just about taste and convenience, but also about what’s good for the family’s health and wellbeing.”

#SafeMeatHealthyFamily reiterates Nandu’s promise of responsibly farmed and hygienically processed fresh chicken, mutton, fish and seafood, sans antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or growth promoters of any form. The hygienically processed products are available across the 50+ outlets of Nandu’s in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Nandu’s also offers home delivery services via the company’s e-commerce website, app, call centre orders as well as e-commerce marketplaces.

Currently, the only omni-channel, fully-integrated farm-to-fork meat brand in Karnataka, Nandu’s recently launched its eco-friendly packaging, a game changer in smart sustainable solutions that cater to the needs of consumers as well as the planet. Nandu’s goal is to make all of its packaging completely eco-friendly by 2023.

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