Protect your dairy products from adulteration using WRMS’s IoT-based “SecuLock”

SecuLock is a state-of-the-art smart eLock developed for live monitoring and prevention of theft and pilferage of milk and milk products
SecuLockPhoto- WRMS

Established in the year 2004, Weather Risk Management Services (WRMS) is an agriculture and risk management company providing income-guaranteed smart and sustainable farming solutions backed by technology, data, and financial innovation.

The company was founded by Sonu Agarwal, Anuj Kumbhat, and Dr.Ashish Agarwal as an endeavor to empower farmers in overcoming the most daunting agrarian challenges. Anuj Kumbhat, chief executive officer and founder, WRMS, said, “WRMS helps farmers enhance farm productivity, gain a secure income, and practice sustainable farming. With a team of 500+ multi-disciplinary experts across agricultural science, data science, meteorology, actuarial science, and information technology, the company is always working on breakthroughs that can make the agriculture and dairy sector more robust.”

WRMS uses IoTs to test, track and secure the quality and quantity of milk and milk products. In conjunction with a SaaS platform, WRMS’s dairy management solution can energize the long and intricate dairy supply chain.

Risks in the supply chain

According to the Cargo Theft Report by TAPA EMEA, in the last 18 months, there is an increase in cargo thefts recorded. Top commodities stolen include 14% food and beverages, 12% agriculture, and 10% electronics among others.

Commenting on the widespread thefts, Kumbhat said, “The risks in the supply chain are critical because of increasing outsourcing, off-shoring, product variety, lean manufacturing, and supply chain security. Moreover, organizations and societies are at a greater risk of system failure because of the massive interdependency throughout the global supply chains.”

SecuLock- A ground-breaking agri-tech solution

SecuLock comes with a Smart-eLock system that includes an electronic door-locking device, a central server, a mobile application, and control devices. The pre-installed tracking device captures and transmits location data to a central server for en-route theft and pilferage prevention and monitoring. The memory stores location data and locking/unlocking data.  

Proudly stating the USP of the SecuLock, he said, “The main differentiation is that SecuLock can be leveraged not only by the dairy industry but other industries like cargo, couriers, and companies handling transport of bulk goods from one point to another with high chances of on-road theft and adulteration. The other similar products available in the market are limited to the dairy industry only and don't have the potential to cater to other sectors.” He believes that SecuLock is a one-stop solution to manage theft and pilferage that amounts to a huge loss every year due to low quality of potential preventive measures or devices.”

Anuj Kumbhat, chief executive officer and founder, WRMS
Anuj Kumbhat, chief executive officer and founder, WRMSPhoto- WRMS

How the SecuFarm app works

Clarifying how the process works, he continued, “Once farmers get enrolled, their farm is geo-tagged for farm-level monitoring, and they start getting customized crop management advisory, weather forecast, irrigation advisory, and more. The app also links the farmers directly to Agri experts to resolve their queries. It also offers post-harvest market linkages to ensure they get the best prices for their yield.”

How the SecuLock System works

“SecuLock and all its components are not physically accessible and thus, can’t be tampered with. There are also light sensors installed on the device to detect if the lock was activated during the dispatch of the vehicle. The device can only be operated through OTP-enabled login, thus, only a designated officer can access the lock,” said Kumbhat, explaining the safety of the system.  24/7 call center services provide assistance in ensuring that all the important alerts are swiftly acted upon. Only designated managers and users can log in to the app using OTP to send an unlock command for loading/unloading of materials in vehicles, thus preventing instances of adulteration and pilferage.

SecuFarm- 2.0 of smart farming

85% of India’s farmers are small or marginal landholders and mostly do not have the financial capability to invest in a smart and sustainable farming system. SecuFarm claims to be the world’s first smart and sustainable farming solution that provides a guaranteed income to the farmer. According to Kumbhat, SecuFarm is a complete income protection solution for the farmer that also drives them toward sustainable and climate-smart farming practices. With the most up-to-date digital technology, it reaches farmers all over India and supports them to ensure they achieve a better yield by adhering to the package of practices supplied to them in their native dialect.

On a mission to revolutionize the farming sector

WRMS aims to help advance the Indian farming sector by allowing farmers to dive into the world of the latest technology in the Agri space without worrying about the risks involved as the company offers them 360-degree income protection.

Kumbhat remarked on the steps taken to achieve the same, “We are vigorously incorporating smart agriculture technologies to make farming easy, sustainable, and profitable for farmers. We will also focus on making the SecuFarm app seamless and easy to use for farmers across the country by focusing on audiovisual learning content in their own language.”

The major long-term objective and focus area of WRMS is to expand the reach of the SecuFarm application and make it accessible to smallholder farmers all over the country. “WRMS is looking forward to increasing its expansion rate while seeking partnerships with other agri-tech industries operating in the country and working for the benefit of smallholder farmers. Above all, the key focus area is to infuse the idea of smart farming, income security, and sustainability in each and every farmer’s mindset. Our mission is to secure 1 million farms by the year 2026,” he signed off.

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