Sid’s Farm launches a new portal for quality check

Dr Kishore Indukuri, founder and managing director of Sid’s Farm

Dr Kishore Indukuri, founder and managing director of Sid’s Farm

Photo - Sid’s Farm

Sid’s Farm, a premium dairy brand based in Telangana, established in 2013, has rolled out its quality portal. It is one of the first of a kind initiatives introduced by any dairy farm in the Indian industry.

Food safety and quality are important factors for ensuring wholesome, hygienic, and safe milk and milk products to consumers. With this portal, - consumers can have all the relevant knowledge at their fingertips.

Consumers can scan a QR code that is displayed on the product packaging and check the test results of milk for a particular date. Alternately they can also do so by visiting the portal -

The idea behind the launch of the quality portal is to offer various formats to convey messages pertaining to the value chain, which includes understanding the importance of consuming milk and the hazards associated with consuming antibiotics and other preservatives with milk. With the launch of this portal, Sid’s Farm has reemphasized its principle of maintaining absolute transparency with its customers.

Sid’s Farm aimed to provide its families and communities with healthy, pure, unadulterated milk and milk products. Since its inception, the brand has adhered to strict norms of testing milk extensively for antibiotics, artificial hormones, preservatives, and other quality parameters daily. In the current market scenario, Sid’s Farm conducts 45 different tests on every liter of milk every day, so real and unadulterated milk reaches its consumers.

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Sid's Farm quality check portal

Talking about the launch of this platform, Dr Kishore Indukuri, founder and managing director of Sid’s Farm said, “We have made a beginning here. It is important for consumers to know whether the milk they consume every day is safe for their families and them. At Sid’s Farm, we have always been paranoid about giving the purest quality to our customers, and we shall never shy away from sharing the true test results with them.”

In this newly launched portal, the result of 15 crucial tests is displayed. The 15 tests are of utmost importance because if any of these tests are skipped, they may leave traces of toxic adulterants in milk that are harmful to the human body. In milk samples, various adulteration tests, such as the Antibiotic test, formalin test, detergent test, hydrogen peroxide, soap, salt, starch, alcohol test, are performed and the results are made available at the portal for its consumers to check for themselves.

The new portal will also enhance further transparency as it will show the number of litres of milk that Sid’s Farm rejected before sending out to its consumers. If any of the parameters are not met during the testing phase, the milk is rejected and they are not made available to the customers.

To maintain class uniformity, milk from cows and buffalo are handled separately within the same plant. As a result, the test results are displayed separately too in the portal.

Consumers have the right to consume good quality and safe milk and milk products. Milk is consumed by people of all ages- from children to senior citizen, therefore it is important that the available dairy products are made safe for its consumers. Therefore, the launch of the quality portal is rightly another feather in Sid’s Farm’s cap as it ensures quality checks at each stage and transparency on the test results.

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