Allround features its post-harvest & line machinery at Inter FoodTech

Allround features its post-harvest & line machinery at Inter FoodTech

With over 100 machine types, Allround Vegetable Processing offers the most comprehensive and widest product range for potato, onion, and vegetable processing. In the vegetable sector, they offer a superior range of processing equipment, and lastly, with Allround Storage, they provide storage equipment for potatoes, onions, carrots, and other vegetables.

Bhakti Zele, office manager, Allround, said, “We are a Netherland-based company and we specialize in pre-harvesting machinery. Our machinery includes a grading machine, a washing machine distributing grading and storage, and cold storage options.”

Allround offers the full product range of line machinery for different parts of the product handling process. The vegetable handling equipment delivery includes loading and unloading machinery, grading solutions, and processing machines. There are different models to meet client expectations in terms of production, capacity, and performance. She adds, “We also offer a superior range of processing lines suitable for receiving, sorting, grading, washing, polishing, brushing, weighing, bagging, and packaging a variety of products.”

“Coming to this exhibition we’d come with a vision of sharing what we provide as a solution for your vegetable processing. Offering complete lines, single machines, storage solutions, and complete distribution centers. We provide retail packaging and wholesale packaging wherein retail is from 500 grams to the five kg and wholesale packaging is from five kg to fifty kg through a weighing machine- Aw 50. That’s exactly the reason we brought our best to showcase in the exhibition” says Zele.

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