AVI Global Plast educates the masses on plastic use

Plastic isn’t the enemy; not reusing it is!
Samir Sawant, deputy general manager - Marketing, Avi Global Plast
Samir Sawant, deputy general manager - Marketing, Avi Global Plast

AVI Global Plast, over the decades, has grown from a traditional proprietorship firm to a multi-million-dollar company. Through continuous investments in technologies, they have become one of India’s leading manufacturers of Rigid Packaging Films (PVC and PET). They believe in working towards meeting our client’s requirements through innovative & sustainable plastic solutions while keeping an eye on the footprint we leave behind.

Samir Sawant, deputy general manager - Marketing, Avi Global Plast, said, “We are a packaging-based company, we manufacture films for PET and PVC division and found that as a value-added product we are started manufacturing packaging products for food, fruits, and vegetable segments. And we specialize in India for these kinds of packaging.”

He says, “See, basically the production which you displayed here at this exhibition particularly is for packaging, bakery products, sweets, savory snacks, these kinds of products. Apart from the products we’ve displayed we also manufacture packaging products for fruits and vegetables such as cut fruits, whole fruits, peeled fruits, etc. Our products are designed using the finest grade raw material that not only provides safety to the fresh produce but also increases its shelf life.”

AVI Global Plast is an ISO 22000 certified company, with operations spread over 20,000 sq. mtrs. at Daman, India. With its r-PET extrusion, AVI can make sheets while producing 80% less post-consumer waste which makes its products environment-friendly and low on carbon discharge. AVI Global Plast has carved a niche for itself in the plastic packaging space by constantly evolving and innovating its product offering to keep abreast with global trends. AVI has revolutionized the rigid packing space with the introduction of its specially formulated r-PET films.

Sawant further adds, “We stand out as firstly the quality of product what we are offering as similar products are available in the market but at an inferior quality which is not up to the mark as per the industry standards. Whereas what we are offering along with few innovative products like a tamper-evident product which is used which can be used once only. So, tampering with the product or what is packed into it is not possible. Also, none of our products are single-use plastic which will harm nature we only use recycled plastic. So that's some new innovation we have introduced in this exhibition.”

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