Chiorino displays conveyor & process belts at Snack & BakeTec 2022

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Avinash Pai, executive director, Chiorino
Avinash Pai, executive director, Chiorino

Founded in 1906, Chiorino is one of the leading international companies in the manufacturing and distribution of conveyor and process belts, flat transmission belts, and other technical solutions for many different industries.

Speaking about the company, Avinash Pai, executive director, Chiorino, said, “Established in 2013, Goa, we specialize ourselves in conveyor belts, and to come with over 100 years of experience, we’ve strengthened our assets such as Polyurethane and HP. We aim to provide the best experience for each customer and demonstrate a good presence in the food segment.”

Chiorino believes research, development, and technology are the successful pillars of a Group, that has been globally recognized for its ability to anticipate the market trends through highly engineered tailored solutions that guarantee outstanding quality performances with respect for the environment, the natural resources, and the most rigorous international standards.

Talking about the exhibition, Avinash said, “Being a unique participating exhibitor amongst all with only belts gives us the edge over every other exhibitor, especially post-pandemic. Although we had been the fortunate ones not to have been hit hard, it still made reaching out to customers difficult. Making coming back feels like a perfect chance to connect.”

Avinash further added, “Our journey has been good so far and we look forward to taking this to the next level. We look forward to getting closer to the customer and fulfilling their requirements and demands with our expertise and experience.”

Chiorino exhibited in Inter Foodtech, Snack & Bake tech Pac Mech Ex 2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre Mumbai.

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