Engimech to run live demonstration of ‘Popcorn Air Popper Machine’ at Snack & Bake Tec 2022

Visit Stall no. C 03 to see their sev murmura roasting line & sample products of their clients on display from 9 to 11 June at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai
Engimech to run live demonstration of ‘Popcorn Air Popper Machine’ at Snack & Bake Tec 2022
Photo - Engimech

Engimech industries was founded in 1999 by Manoj Patel who saw an opportunity to modernize the snack roasting and flavoring process and improve the product quality. The company offers a wide range of solutions for roasting and flavoring of Sev Murmura, Peanuts, Chana Crackers, Popcorn, Corn Puff/Cheese ball, Kurkure line, Vermicelli, Cashew, Almond, Makhana, Coffee, Valiary Dhana, Jeera, Online Namkeen mixing plant, Namkeen / Spices packing machine.

While talking about the company Manoj Patel, chief executive officer, Engimech industries, said, “With 21 years of experience we manufacture the best food processing & packaging machines which are used by top food brands in India like Haldiram, Balaji Wafers, Bikaji, etc. The main reason why these top food brands use our machine is that we provide the best quality products with excellent after-sales service.”

He added, “Our roasters come with manual or fully automated operating options and are designed to ensure uniform roasting for maximum flavor. They are the top choice for fully roasting or drying peanuts, almonds, pistachios, sesame, pumpkin & sunflower seeds, puffed rice and other similar nuts, seeds and grains shelled and/or unshelled and many more products. The capacity of our roasting and flavoring line ranges from 100 kg/hr up to 1200 kg/hr to suit your requirement and without any compromise in quality”.

Engimech industries slogan is “Forget oil just roast it”. The company is constantly developing and innovating new machinery for roasting and seasoning a variety of snacks like sev, murmura, chana, peanuts, cashew, almond, vermicelli, popcorn, corn puff, Kurkure, and many more food/snacks products.

Snack & Bake Tec 2022

Patel informed, “At Snack & Bake Tec 2022, we will be exhibiting the scale model of our sev murmura roasting line and the sample food products of our clients made using our machinery. We will also be displaying the videos of all our machinery”.

Speaking about their participation at Snack & Bake Tec 2022, he said, “The trade shows are happening after a long gap. We will showcase our latest offering for food/snacks roasting and flavoring options. Also, through this exhibition, we would like to meet our old and new customers face-to-face, which will be a delight for us”.

Patel invited everyone to their Stall no. C 03, Hall no 1 from 9 to 11 June at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, “Please visit our stall as we will be having a live demonstration of our latest Popcorn Air Popper Machine”.

Snack & Bake Tec 2022 co-located with Inter Foodtech, Pac MechEx is going to take place from 9 to 11 June at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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