Fresh-O-Veg displayed its one-of-a-kind technology for efficient consulting in the food industry at Inter Foodtech

Rudra Pratap Singh Chauhan, director, Fresh-O-Veg with his team
Rudra Pratap Singh Chauhan, director, Fresh-O-Veg with his team

Fresh-O-Veg is an end-to-end project consultancy and service company for food processing projects. The organization was founded in the year 1996. Everything from the farm level to the post-harvest process is considered for any new organization looking to grow. Fresh-O-Veg is proud to have developed 3D modeling software which helps in the design that considers everything a process plant requires. It can give them further insights and predict the various requirements and measurements and costs involved within any plant. This also helps with predicting the timelines for the set ups.

The quantities in the processes, the elasticity of inputs and raw materials, when taken into account, all help reduce wastage and make testing much easier with their in-house labs. The accuracy of these is done to as minute as 1 mm.

“Our BIM – Building Information Management platform is where all these measurements are done. This is the first of its kind in the FMCG industry. Which we are extremely proud to show our visitors. The first and second days had quite good footfall for Fresh-O-Veg, which seemed to be quite neatly done for an event after three years. We were able to foresee the clients and guests at Inter Foodtech Snack & Bake Tec Pac Mech Ex 2022” is what Rudra Pratap Singh Chauhan, director, Fresh-O-Veg had to say regarding Inter Foodtech Snack & Bake Tec Pac Mech Ex 2022

The representatives from the company were extremely enthusiastic about sharing insights into what Fresh-O-Veg had to offer to their clients to set them apart from others in the industry.

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