GOMA showcases pasteurisers at Inter FoodTech 2022

Meet GOMA for the concept to commissioning of your brand at their Stall No. H10 from 9 to 11 June at Bombay Exhibition Center
GOMA showcases pasteurisers at Inter FoodTech 2022
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Goma is building powerful partnerships with individuals or organizations belonging to various industries by offering value-based innovative solutions. Since its origin, the company has pioneered designing, manufacturing in-house products, and providing exceptional services. These technological capabilities have helped Goma deliver end-to-end solutions, right from concept to commissioning and beyond, in high-pressure pumps and systems & in process technology and equipment for the dairy, beverage, and food & pharma industry.

While talking about the company Jayesh Gosrani, joint managing director, Goma said, "In 1982, Goma Engineering was established to manufacture High-Pressure pumps. With its 40 years of experience, we have developed strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect every step of the way. We aim to work as an extended arm of their company, providing the expertise and values that help our clients become more successful in their business".

He added, "We are innovating powerful and value-based business solutions spread across a wide range of industries. Goma an ISO 9001 company has continuously strived to raise the standards in the dairy, food & beverage sector by developing the first indigenous high-pressure homogenizer back in 1991."

Goma has supplied more than 3000 units ranging from 20 LPH to 20000 LPH for various Dairy, Ice Cream, Flavors, and Food & Beverage industries in India & Abroad. It has developed the first UHT - Ultra Heat Treatment (Make in India) for Milk and Beverages' extended long shelf life.

Gosrani also mentioned, "Goma is geared towards one goal: perfection at all stages. Customers are always in need of advanced machinery with a minimum breakdown so we work accordingly and have been ahead of competitors by expanding our R&D capabilities & fostering an innovative mindset among employees".

Goma has been certified with a DSIR certificate for an Innovative Research & Development center. They have successfully implemented a computerized test bench for Machine Testing.

Goma at Inter FoodTech

According to Gosrani, for years, Goma has developed Turnkey projects and machinery such as Dairy and Dairy Products Processing, Ice Cream Processing, Beverage Processing, Fruit Processing, Coconut Milk and Water Processing, Vegan Food in the turnkey project and Homogeniser, Pasteuriser, UHT sterilizer, Cup and Cone Filling Machine, Evaporator and Spray, Dryer, CIP System, and Crate Washer as machinery. At Inter FoodTech exhibition, Goma will be showcasing Pasteuriser for the visitors.

He is excited to participate in the Inter Food Tech exhibition and expects great footfall. "It makes the company proud to be back interacting with the clients, exhibiting them about its advanced machinery and helping them with the much-needed solutions to enter the Dairy, Food and Beverage Industry."

Gosani invites everyone to their Stall No. H10 and Hall no. 1 at Inter FoodTech 2022 from 9 to 11 June at Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai. "GOMA helps you right from concept to commissioning of your brand. It provides you with complete turnkey solutions to all your dreams."

Inter FoodTech co-located with Snack & BakeTec, Pac MechEx is going to take place from 9 to 11 June at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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