FPT, the bridge for Processed Foods solutions

An engineering firm dedicated to customizing products according to the customer's needs in the food industry
Gurinder S. Rance marketing director, FPT
Gurinder S. Rance marketing director, FPT

With over three decades of experience in the field, FPT is a pioneer in digital transformation and a leader in consulting, providing, and deploying technology and telecommunications services and solutions.

Speaking about the company, Gurinder S. Rance marketing director, said, "We as a company represent certain international brands for various machinery, which directly or indirectly are used for food processing. Besides being distributors and representatives of certain companies, we also have our own manufacturing. One might also appreciate that we use our engineering services to bridge the gaps and come up with a final solution by providing proper solutions one may need to be integrated to ensure that the customer gets an integrated one-stop-shop solution.

FPT aims to implement projects on a global scale by helping the clients overcome challenges and barriers and achieve peak performance in their transformation journey. The company currently is primarily into foreign matter removal with optical and laser sorters, potato flakes line, secondary packaging, drying and sterilizing solution, fruits & vegetable processing lines, centrifuges lines, continuous dough mixing solution, turnkey French fries & Bakery solution, vibratory technology, IQF Lines, Air drying & freeze drying lines, powder handling, and storage whereinto a very precise, gentle blending of powders and mixers takes place.

Gurinder also said, "Our R&D has always been a continuous process, especially during the pandemic as those grave times called upon people to realize that the food industry is paramount. And it's impossible to carry on without food, especially packaged foods.

Talking about the Snack & BakeTec exhibition, Gurinder further added, "Walking around seeing all the big players of the field interests intrigued over-processed food, shows that our country is in for a huge jump as far as the food processing industry is concerned. As processing means less wastage, lesser chances of adulteration, and better storage life. Perhaps in the near future, the food industry might be a great asset to the nation.

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