Midori introduces Mekitec Food X-Ray inspection system for packed food at Snack & BakeTech 2022

Midori introduces Mekitec Food X-Ray inspection system for packed food at Snack & BakeTech 2022

Midori Solutions is an organization engaged in the design, engineering & supply of food inspection machines, automation, and customized software for the food, beverage, and pharma industries. Midori Solutions was founded in 2017 and has grown to a position of leadership among engineering companies meeting various needs of the Food and Beverage Industry.

While talking about the company, Govind Bhardwaj, director, Sales and Marketing said, “We deal with sophisticated state-of-the-art systems. The range includes equipment designed and fabricated indigenously as well as in collaboration with some of the world’s leading manufacturing companies. The Company’s beliefs and values have been the cornerstones on which it has built a durable and growing business”.

The company started as a mere service provider, but within a span of 5 years, they have emerged as a company that can offer limitless solutions in Food inspection, Packaging and secondary packaging to our customers.

Bhardwaj further informed, “We represent advanced Food X-ray Inspection Systems from Mekitec - Finland. Mekitec is a global manufacturer of innovative quality control systems based on X-ray technology for the food industry. Mekitec is the world's only food X-ray manufacturer with its own Line detector development. We also offer Checkweigher, Boxweighers, Metal detectors, Conveyor systems, Customised Datalogging software, Industrial Printers, Barcode scanners, Secondary Packaging machines, etc. for Food, Beverage, and Pharma industries.”

He informed, “At Snack & Bake Tec 2022, we are demonstrating Mekitec Food X-Ray inspection system for packed food. It can be used for the inspection of ready to eat, Bakery, Dry fruits, Pet foods, Spices and many other products”.

R&D and innovation

The company’s qualified team of engineers is capable of providing customized solutions for various Technical requirements of the industry. They have an in-house team for the latest software and Hardware designing and testing.

Bhardwaj said, “Food inspection trends are changing across the globe. Further due to the high demand for packed food and ready-to-eat products, the X-Ray Inspection system’s requirement is set to increase in near future. We got to meet customers with whom we can partner and provide safe food for everyone”.

He further expressed, “In Today’s world where a customer is looking for utmost quality and intensified food and drug safety regulations, Food manufacturers are bound to use one or another food inspection system. Keeping in mind the numerous limitations associated with Metal Detection, the Food X-Ray Inspection system is the only available option. Our X-Ray Inspection Systems not only overcome those limitations but offers added advantages like complete traceability and the ability to work with widely different product shapes, sizes and packaging materials. We have exhibited our latest X-ray inspection system and showed the real-time capabilities of the same in the trade show”.

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