Spectra Plast sets a benchmark with gravity rollers at Pac MechEx

From Modular Belts to Slat Chain Conveyor Belt Spectra is set to moving things and maintaining trust – Break Free!
Spectra Plast sets a benchmark with gravity rollers at Pac MechEx
Samuel G Desigan, regional sales manager, Spectra Plast

Spectra Plast is one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of modular belts, slat chains, and also has been offering a complete range of conveyor components since 2000 making them the ultimate one-stop solution for all conveyor components. They are catering to targets from the food and beverage industry to the pharmaceutical industry and many more along with which special divisions such as the conveyor division and special gravity roller section.

Slat Chain or crate conveyor chains are mainly used in areas where products are conveyed in trays, crates, or containers. They also believe in offering customers customized conveyor components and personalized solutions for all your packaging needs. Spectra manufacture highly innovative components that are aimed at revolutionizing the automation industry with smart and sustainable solutions. With integrated manufacturing and maintenance support, they aim towards making the world a safer and cleaner place.

Samuel G Desigan, regional sales manager, Spectra Plast, said, “Being the leading brand in conveyor components we aim to provide a full under one roof experience starting from slack chains along with being world leader number for chains which they specifically customize and cater for all bottling industry and food & beverage industry.

Spectra Plast is one of the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality conveyor components, manufactures a complete range of conveyor solutions components from leg pads, wear strips, side guides, return rollers, etc. Also, being technologically advanced they offer customized solutions for your requirement in packaging components as well.

Desigan shared, “We strive to make every element from manufacturing component available from bearing blocks, and conveyor elements to HMW propellers and modular belts. Being in this industry for over 20 years now and satisfaction of our customers is our sole purpose along with making this world safe for which we make sure to take proper measures to prevent harming the planet”.

Desigan further shared, “Even though to have catered to over two thousand satisfied customers we aim to strive for more as our hunger for making progress and learning never dulls.”

He invites everyone to visit and move forward with them. Make production and experience for every customer and make endless bonds.

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