Tech4Serve offered its consultancy services to food businesses at Inter FoodTech 2022

Hitesh Tripathi, chief executive officer, Tech4Serve (left)
Hitesh Tripathi, chief executive officer, Tech4Serve (left)

Founded in 2011, Tech4serve Project Consultants is an innovation driven company involved in creating and launching promising food and beverage experiences. The company offers turnkey solutions to food & hospitality industries and caters to a large number of verticals within the food industry such as bakery, snacks, plant based, frozen plants, hotels, restaurants, wheat flour mills etc.

Tech4serve supports brands by handholding in concept development, operations, planning futuristic strategy and overall development. The company offers complete solution for developing ideas, nurturing them to their full potential and making the dreams come to life. Hitesh Tripathi, chief executive officer, Tech4Serve shares, “The plant-based food industry is a very upcoming industry. We were involved in the launch of the very first brand of 100% oat milk in India. Also, we helped in the launch of many plant-based products such as ice creams, meat, burger patties among others. We are considered pioneers in consulting for these clients.”

Tripathi was overwhelmed with the kind of response they received at Inter FoodTech. According to him, the niche clientele they have got through this exhibition, made it a very good show for them.

He informs, “There is currently a huge drift towards the food industry drawing people with even minimal background in the industry. While the industry is attractive and very lucrative, factors like operational costs, products consistency, quality, waste management, pilferage management etc are often overlooked. That is where we come in and enable the shortening of the learning curve and reduction of losses for such new ventures. We are enabling a business to become successful and reach the desired standards in shorter lengths of time.”

Tech4Serve participated in Inter FoodTech 2022 that took place from 9 to 11 June at Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai.

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