Fristam Pumps displayed its latest technology hygienic pumps & mixers at IIDE

Cost-effective, available for free trials, and customizable as per customers' requirements
handrakant Mane, National Sales Head, Fristam Pumps

handrakant Mane, National Sales Head, Fristam Pumps

Fristam Pumps has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality pumps and mobile mixing plants for hygienic applications since 1909. The company produces top-notch hygienic pumps used in dairy, beverage, brewery, Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Chemical Industries. The company entered the Indian Market in 1989 with a joint venture in 2013 and became a 100% subsidiary of 'Fristam Pumpen', Germany.

Speaking about the R&D at Fristam Pumps, Chandrakant Mane, National Sales Head, mentioned, "Our R&D of the products is based on customer requirements and feedback. We share our customer's feedback with our R&D team to develop equipment. With R&D, we have developed new centrifugal pumps and launched twin-screw technology. Our patented technology, TSG, is unique and can be optimized/used for multiple flow rates, pressure and processor requirements."

Fristam Pumps is recognized as a manufacturer of the highest quality stainless-steel pumps. Adhering to the strictest standards, the company develops completely reliable solutions adapted to its customers' specific applications – made to measure and specifically tailored to their system. Adding to this, Mane said, "We understand our customers' requirements. Based on the requirement, we suggest the best product from our portfolio, which is cost-effective and can deliver the desired parameters like flow rate, pressure, and process requirements. We also do customizations based on their needs."

At India International Dairy Expo, Fristam Pumps showcased their centrifugal range, including normal centrifugal pumps that can be used for low viscous product handlings, CIP application, self-priming pumps scavenging pumps, liquid ring pumps with FP Centrifugal series, and PD range in self-priming range. Also, the company kept powder mixers, powder incorporators, and powder dissolvers at display in the mixing technology range.

Mane added, "Our pumps can help manufacturers optimize processing time and deliver a better product quality. Fristam is always there to support you with the new trials and requirements. We are open for free trials, so customers can approach us and take the system on a trial basis, and if they are satisfied, we can close the deal."

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