Indian Dairy Association (West Zone) organizes a National Seminar on 'Ideate. Innovate. Succeed'

The seminar will be held on 13 April at Bombay Exhibition Centre Goregaon (East), Mumbai
Indian Dairy Association (West Zone) organizes a National Seminar on 'Ideate. Innovate. Succeed'

During the last five decades, India's Dairy Industry has achieved great success in milk production, processing, conversion of milk into value-added products, storage, distribution, marketing, and exports of milk products. India has gained the top position in milk production globally, with an annual production of 198.40 million tonnes during 2019-20. Milk availability for its population has increased from 170 grams to 406 grams per capita. Today, India produces enough milk for its consumption and exports sizeable quantities of milk & milk products.

In India, milk production has increased ten times during the last fifty years. This has been possible due to the innovative & commercially viable solutions developed and adopted by the Indian Dairy Industry.

However, to remain Self Sufficient – 'Atmanirbhar', India will have to continuously explore new ideas and focus on innovation in the various streams of the dairy industry, viz. animal productivity, milk processing, value added products, packaging, distribution and exports.

India's apex body of the Dairy Industry, Indian Dairy Association (IDA) will be organising a National Seminar on 13 April on a theme ‘Ideate. Innovate. Succeed.’

Who should participate in the seminar

The seminar will offer an opportunity to all the dairy professionals to get acquainted with the latest ideas & innovations in milk production, milk processing, packaging, distribution, value-added milk products, animal breeding & nutrition. Therefore, the Policymakers of the dairy plants, Managers, Maintenance Engineers, Animal breeders, Animal nutritionists, Product developers, Marketers, Supply chain managers, System developers, Finance managers, Scientists and Students should attend this seminar.

Present your ideas, innovations and success stories

The young Scientists, Researchers & Research Institutes, Breeders & breed farms, Semen & Embryo developers, IT companies providing Blockchain Technologies, Drone manufacturers & operators can avail this opportunity to present their new findings & innovations will benefit the Dairy Industry.

The Dairy Research Institutes can present their research & developments to the end-users, Dairy plants & Dairy farms for adaptation. The dairy plants & product manufacturers can also present their requirements to the research institutes and scientists and seek solutions for their requirements.

About IDA

Established in 1948, the Indian Dairy Association (IDA) is the apex body of the dairy industry in India. The members are from the cooperatives, MNCs, corporate bodies, private institutions, educational institutions, government and public sector units. IDA functions very closely with the dairy producers, professionals & planners, scientists & educationists, institutions and organizations associated with the development of dairying in India.

DA (WZ), with its activities spread over the states of Goa, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, is very active and responsive to the needs of the dairy industry of the region. It has been regularly organizing seminars, workshops and meetings, keeping all the stakeholders updated about the latest developments in the dairy industry.

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