Mauli Engineers brings Made-in-India evaporative condensers to IIDE 2022

Nagesh Udavant, founder, Mauli Engineers

Nagesh Udavant, founder, Mauli Engineers

Pune-based Mauli Engineers is a privately held manufacturing company that manufactures heat transfer components. The company designs and manufactures the highest quality products for the evaporative cooling and industrial refrigeration markets around the globe. Mauli Engineers is a well-known name for evaporative condensers, which have applications in dairy, food processing, beer & beverage, coal, construction, and various other industries.

Mauli Engineers made its presence felt at India International Dairy Expo (IIDE) 2022, among various other leaders in the dairy industry. Like everyone else, building connections and showcasing their unique products were on the agenda. The company showcased multiple types of condensers like cross-flow and counter flow for the dairy and food processing industries and even in the cooling and chemical industries. The company’s operative condensers are used in refrigeration systems. Condensers help with the necessary condensation and heat removal from the products.

Speaking about the company, Nagesh Udavant, founder of Mauli Engineers, said, “We have Aditya Manufacturers who have been functioning for 28 years, and Mauli Engineers was established in 2016. Aditya Manufacturers is an exporter and supplier of the finest quality assortment of Instant chilling plants, milk process plants, freon milk chilling plants, bulk milk coolers, ice bank tank systems, cold storage, CIP system, etc. We provide installation and maintenance services for cold storage plants, milk process plants, instant chilling plants, etc. Next time, we plan to participate in the IIDE expo with Aditya Manufacturers and showcase the ammonia-glycol system.”

The evaporative condensers were featured in this year’s IIDE exhibition. In line with the ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat‘ vision, the message they want to convey to their prospective clients is that the product is entirely Indian and locally made. “We urge the country to buy local and support local brands.”

Speaking about IIDE, he mentioned, “Being our first time at IIDE, we have had a very good experience with a live 50-55 enquiries and had one conversion, which is a brilliant result.”

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