Meet Digivriddhi Technologies, a Dairy-focused Neo-Banking startup at IIDE

Visit Booth No C-27 to meet the creators of the first dairy Neo Banking Platform in India
Meet Digivriddhi Technologies, a Dairy-focused Neo-Banking startup at IIDE

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Digivriddhi Technologies (DGV), an Agri Fintech startup, works with dairy federations or cooperatives and dairy farmers with a vision of ‘Bringing world-class financial services to the doorstep of every village, town, and district’. DGV has taken pride in creating the First Dairy Neo Banking Platform in India and aspire to empower 75 million dairy farmers and 2 lakh milk societies or FPOs with financial services and productivity enhancement tools through innovation.

Speaking about DGV, Ragavan, founder and chief executive officer of DGV, says, “We are proud of being India’s First Dairy Neo Banking Platform, working towards nurturing the entire Dairy Ecosystem. We have already touched the lives of 8000+ dairy farmers directly through 9 milk unions across Gujarat through our platform. We are proud of being associated with Amul and our banking Partner (Federal Bank).”

DGV is focused on integrating cutting-edge fintech solutions and the marketplace, thereby creating value for the entire value chain. According to Ragavan, DGV is working with a mission to empower Bharat’s dairy stakeholders with access to formal banking, financial services, and productivity enhancement tools to become their lifelong partners in growth and prosperity.

He adds, “Dairy farmer is core of our business model, and we are working along with federation and cooperatives to enhance the output and productivity of dairy farmers as they contribute 25% of the Agri GDP of our country.”

Further, DGV is helping Milk Cooperatives Digitize their payment Life Cycle through DGV Pay; wherein dairy farmers can avail any digital payment mode. Ragavan informs, “We shall soon be launching DGV Connect (Marketplace) for cattle listing or cattle sale plus a host of other benefits such as veterinary on call, artificial insemination, cattle vaccination, ordering cattle feed, and more.”

Bridging gaps between B2B and B2C

DGV, an Agri-Fin-Tech startup, wants to play an active role in doubling farmers’ income by providing them with payment capabilities, cattle loans, cattle insurance, and other productivity enhancement tools.

Ragavan invites dairy industry stakeholders to their Booth No C-27 at India International Dairy Expo (IIDE) 2022 from 13 to 15 April at Bombay Exhibition Center (BEC), Mumbai. He shares, “At IIDE, we are looking forward to connecting and networking with institutions working on similar lines towards making an impact in the dairy ecosystem and understanding new technologies and products in the dairy business.”

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