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Four decades of the journey from pouches to solution-based packaging, Nichrome has left no stone unturned to venture into new age technology; Come & meet them at IIDE 2022
Mrunal Joshi, chief executive and vice-chairperson, Nichrome India

Mrunal Joshi, chief executive and vice-chairperson, Nichrome India

Established in 1948, Nichrome India ventured into packaging in 1977; since then, they have been constantly providing solutions for packaging in the dairy industry. The packaging company's consumer-centric approach is no surprise; their in-depth research defines it.

In its four decades of serving the dairy industry, Nichrome was the first to design and build machines to pack milk into pouches.

Speaking of the company, Mrunal Joshi, chief executive and vice-chairperson, Nichrome India, says, "Back in 1977, we were producing 1200 pouches per hour and now it is 12000 pouches per hour. That's how we have evolved. There is also a lot of automation in technology. One of them is the advanced sealing technology to avoid cooling water, save energy and save cost of consumables."

Nichrome holds a huge client base in the dairy industry with a lot of variations in the coming age. They have liquid milk packaging solutions and have ventured into milk powder, pouch packing, etc. that can produce 400 pouches per minute with the help of high-speed machines.

Adding to it, Joshi mentions, "Now we see a lot of diaries getting into value-added products, there is a lot of surplus in milk. Earlier, there were derivatives like ghee, paneer, etc. While there is an extension of these derivatives too such as pedas, cheese etc. And different types of packaging are required for each of these. The pandemic has made the world more conscious and hygiene gripped. Individuals look for a more hygienic solution. They also look for extended shelf life. If a mithai is packed from a regular shelf, it will be 2-8 days but with controlled packaging (MAP), it can't last for three months."

The demand for derivative products is increasing day by day and Nichrome has excelled in its vision to provide dynamism in packaging these products. They have been prompt to facilitate services with timely support and assistance as the industry is run on a timely management basis.

At IIDE, Nichrome displayed its rotary tray sealing machine for packing perishable food items. About IIDE, she says, "This is happening after 2 years. We are working internally for the customers, but now we are looking forward to a larger client base with our latest innovations in place."

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