Prochem demonstrates its powder/SMP handling capabilities at IIDE

Shashi Rai, director of Prochem at IIDE 2022

Shashi Rai, director of Prochem at IIDE 2022

Pune-based Prochem is a fast-emerging business group offering powder and solid handling engineering solutions for various industries vertical around the globe. The company has been the one-point solution for handling powder/solids/flakes by supplying unloading, conveying, mixing, and packaging products to process bulk materials. By 2025, Prochem aims to become a No 1 company in the powder handling field.

Currently, Prochem has diversified its business model to serve as a one-stop solution for the companies from concept to commissioning. The company owns two manufacturing units in Pune with 100+ workers and 40+ engineers to cater to the clients' requirements. With offices in Baroda, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Dubai, the company is eyeing to scale its avenues in Africa and the UK.

Speaking about the company, Shashi Rai, director of Prochem, mentioned, "For the past five years, ProChem has been selling projects. We have provided the industrial sectors with material/powder handling solutions. We unload, convey, mix, pack, and offer many storage mediums based on their requirements."

The optimal combination of innovation, operational safety, and service means added value and success for Prochem's customers. Rai said, "We work on understanding our customers' needs and challenges first and then offer the most optimal and affordable solution for it with our machines and applications. For example, we first understand the kind of material they want to handle. As industry experts, we know that the same material behaves differently based on the different demographics. At Prochem, we are committed to delivering exceptional manufacturing solutions for our customers."

Rai mentioned, "Dairy is one field in India that is coming up very aggressively; we want our presence to be felt there. At the same time, we would like to extend our expertise to explore and help. We as a company want to help dairy companies and assist them with technology at a much affordable price."

He also informed about Prochem's plans to enter the dryer business in the coming months. He added, "We aim to help our customers with SMP (skim milk powder) solutions and help them handle it safely."

This was the first time Prochem participated in India International Dair Expo. "We have been associated with Koelnmesse for many years. Since we are also venturing into the dairy business, we find the IIDE platform the right opportunity to launch ourselves in this sector."

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