Sealed Air Packaging had a fruitful first year at India International Dairy Expo 2022

Sealed Air Packaging had a fruitful first year at India International Dairy Expo 2022

Sushil Sharma, marketing manager; Venkatraman Hariharan, director – Business Development; Nishant Shah, Country Manager/ Area Director, India and South Asia; and Sayali Limaye at IIDE 2022

With a legacy of about 60 years since 1957, Sealed Air Packaging, a fortune 500 company, offers packaging solutions to protect and solve critical packaging challenges. The company’s solutions have revolutionized food packaging worldwide with vacuum shrink packs, laminates, and case-ready solutions that extend the shelf life of food products. Cryovac, a prominent brand, was acquired by Sealed Air Packaging in 1997.

Sealed air packaging has been present in India since 1998. Speaking about the company and its packaging solutions, Sushil Sharma, marketing manager of India Subcontinent, Sealed Air Packaging, mentioned, “Dairy is a huge market. Sealed air packaging is into the value-added space. Sealed Air Packaging comes into play wherever there is an opportunity to increase shelf life or for automation. Our unique positioning is that we provide solutions to a particular client’s pain areas and aren’t solely focused on equipment. There is a lot of R&D with the focus on reducing the wastage of food or increasing the shelf life of the food. This removes the need for extensive use of preservatives. Sealed Air Packaging probably has one of the largest numbers of food technologists involved in the process to keep bringing improvements into the packaging.”

Venkatraman Hariharan, director – Business Development, Sealed Air Packaging, said, “The idea behind reducing food wastage is also a part of reducing the carbon footprint. When a kilo of beef is wasted, it does far more damage to the environment than other factors. While the world only relates sustainability to plastic reduction or reducing air pollution, they often forget the carbon footprint caused by animal husbandry or Dairy. In this way, reducing food waste helps reduce the carbon footprint.”

Nishant Shah, Country Manager/ Area Director, India and South Asia, Sealed Air Packaging, said, “Being at India International Dairy Expo we believe will help grow business. While people know the brands we work behind, not many people would recognize that we are behind the packaging. IIDE helped us to increase the visibility of the brand. The clients we work with include Amul, Prabha Dairy, Vadilal, Mother Dairy and various others. To our prospective clients, we just want them to come with an open mind, with the mindset of creating a mark in the market, you will find a partner who will help you achieve your goals.”

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