Thermo Fisher Scientific - Creating revolution with Innovation

Disrupting the normal know-how, Thermo Fisher Scientific not only caters to Indian consumers but has a lot for global markets
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Creating revolution with Innovation

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leading organization serving science and analytical solutions by fulfilling the analytical needs of every industry, including pharmaceuticals, bio-pharma, environmental requirements, food sector etc. Their core lies in understanding the customer's analytical science and then help them with our innovative skills. Its mission also states to enable the customers for a cleaner, healthier and safer world.

Speaking about this,Thermo Fisher Scientific, marketing team mentioned, "We develop, produce and get all the services so that they can fulfill the needs of this customers. In terms of the dairy segment it is a new space and a new opportunity for us. We are very successful in the pharma and food sector and the diary is one of the upcoming segment where we feel we can support them. New regulations are taking place in dairy segments and we being one of the world leaders in science, we can address dairy industry needs completely in every aspect of sensitivity, accuracy to understanding the metrics of the different markets for the products. We also work closely with India's Goods & Safety and standard authority, which helps in triangular collaboration to fulfill the analytics need of the industry."

Their innovations and R& D stretch to the global market. In terms of new product development, it will have a good taste. Formerly, they used to cater to the needs of Indian consumer base but today and now looking to export and meeting the global needs. In a couple of 3-4 years, Thermo Fisher Scientific expects the industry to grow multifold.

Thermo Fisher Science at IIDE

At India International Dairy Expo (IIDE), Thermo Fisher Scientific is presenting a product catering to the needs of the industry, demonstrating a key products for milk fats, fatty acid, and the adulteration of milk fats, which is also an alarming situation under concern. "We are trying to address this concern in the diary segment. This is an evolving stage in the diary industry and we will collaborative approach will help both vendor and the diary fulfill the upcoming challenges."

Meet Thermo Fisher Scientific team and see live demonstrations of their product functions at Booth No Stall D57 at IIDE, Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai.

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