Transform dairy logistics with Mojro's configurable, smart & sustainable supply chain optimization solutions

Visit Booth No-B50 to explore the latest technologies & problem-solving capabilities for the dairy supply chain optimization
Transform dairy logistics with Mojro's configurable, smart & sustainable supply chain optimization solutions

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Founded in 2016, Mojro is an automated, future-ready logistics platform transforming the transportation of goods and optimizing key logistics planning processes for better efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The company started with a vision of making logistics simple, smarter, and sustainable for its customers.

Ranganath Seetharamu, the co-founder of Mojro, recalls, "We started as a logistics aggregator and provided fleets with technology as a backbone to our customers. Soon more and more customers started coming to us asking for just our tech platform and that was a eureka moment for us. We pivoted from being a logistics aggregator to a pure-play B2B SaaS platform focusing on logistics automation optimization and digitization. Since then, we have more than 30+ customers present in 5 countries and part of a varied industry set of CPG, CEP, eCommerce, Dairy, Retail."

Mojro heavily invests in DEEP-TECH technologies such as AI, operations research, and edge computing to solve large-scale logistics optimization problems. The company is a category leader in dairy supply chain optimization and offers niche solutions around tanker planning, milk sourcing automation, and smart digitization techniques.

Over the years, Mojro has evolved and created a stellar line-up of products that helps its customers optimize and automate all their operations in logistics. Mojro's products include:

PlanWyse, is a next-generation logistical planning platform that enables smart, proactive decisions across procurement and distribution. Mojro's proprietary planning algorithm provides its customer with best-in-class optimization and helps them realize tremendous savings on their logistics spending.

ExecuteWyse, a delivery management platform, brings ground intelligence to your fingertips for effective decision making and collaboration based on real-time data. Mojro multilingual partner app also helps you digitize various different aspects ( E-Pod, crate/cash reconciliation, and milk quality attributes) of your operations.

FieldWyse, A powerful service beat optimization solution accommodating dynamic constraints occurring on the ground.

GeoWyse, An NLP-based solution that performs geolocation lookups based on phrases to improve the quality of delivery addresses and facilitate smart clubbing of orders.

PackWyse, enables loading automation for the effective and safe loading, determining carton, crate, pallet, and container requirements based on business rules, material characteristics, single-axis rotation, and other parameters.

Mojro at IIDE 2022

At India International Dairy Expo (IIDE) 2022, Mojro will be exhibiting its logistics platform for the dairy industry, which claims to solve the below-mentioned problems and bring down logistics costs:

Milk Procurement Planning & Optimization across primary and secondary legs

Tanker planning & Sourcing automation - Compartment optimization algorithms, handle complexities around product mix. Makes smart decisions on linking chillers to plants.

Primary & Secondary distribution - Optimizes movement distribution of milk, best fleet mix recommender, in-built constraint library for urban distribution

Last-mile delivery automation - eCommerce, focused on time optimization

At IIDE, Seetharamu is looking forward to meeting the who's who of the dairy industry and showcasing Mojro's prominence and problem-solving capabilities for various legs in logistics for the dairy industry.

He adds, "Visit us to know more about the innovations and know-how we have been able to bring down cost and increase the efficiency in logistics operations of all our dairy customers. Learn how to reimagine your supply chain with a proven track record of propelling dairy organization's growth with the mantra of doing more with less."

Mojro team will be present at Booth No - B50 at India International Dairy Expo (IIDE) 2022 from 13 to 15 April at Bombay Exhibition Center (NESCO), Mumbai.

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