Celebrate this festive season guilt & gluten-free with Cornitos Festival Pack

Enjoy and gift your loved ones the perfect blend of Mexican and Indian flavors and healthy ingredients with Cornitos Festive Packs - Snack Bus, Crunch Carnival, and Crusties Gift Pack
Celebrate this festive season guilt & gluten-free with Cornitos Festival Pack
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Assimilated in 2009, Cornitos is a crispy nacho brand made with an infusion of Mexican and Indian flavors. Its inception took place back in 2008 when Vikram Agarwal, managing director, Greendot Health Foods, tried tortilla chips on a business trip to the US and was complete in awe of it, to say the least.  

Soon after a detailed study on the Indian snack market, Agarwal found a gap between the predominant namkeen and western potato chips, which nacho crisps could fill. Thus, Cornitos' journey began. Over the years, Cornitos gained its crowd and believes it stands out amongst its competitors, due to the perfect blend of unique flavors and healthy ingredients. As it is a gluten-free snack cooked in healthy corn oil and is made by the Mexican lime-treatment process of making traditional masa using stone-ground non-GMO Corn.

Photo - Cornitos

The Cornitos Festive Pack – A gift made consciously for everyone.

Cornitos has launched a new campaign titled ‘The Cornitos Festive Pack’, through this campaign it has introduced three new festive packs for the festival season. The festive gift pack includes - Snack Bus, Crunch Carnival, and Crusties Gift Pack.

The Snack Bus contains Nacho Crisps (20 g X 5) and Crusties (18 g X 5) with various flavors packaged in unique bus-themed packaging. Crunch Carnival is a pack with Nacho Crisps (55 g X 4) and Crusties (50 g X 4) in various flavors, which are packaged in a beautifully designed box that is suitable as a gift for the festival. Lastly, CRUSTIES Gift Pack is specially made for CRUSTIES fans with all six variants.

“The provision of Cornitos Festival special packs began with our intention to provide Cornitos products tailored to buyers' needs during the festival, ranging from gifting, partying, or snacking with the family during the family gatherings. Cornitos Gift packs are for all health-conscious consumers looking for value without categorization,” says Agarwal.

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Cornitos vision has been to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by continuously innovating and serving healthy gourmet snacks for all consumers.

Such as - Veggie Nachos, which are made with the goodness of quinoa, spinach, white bean, and beetroot natural extracts blended with corn masala.

-        Cornitos Chunky Salsa is made with fresh ingredients and is slow-cooked in small batches to conserve flavor. Salsa is a 100% Vegetarian Product with no added preservatives and is Gluten-free.

-        Cornitos POP N Crunch range is available in Solo Daily Nutri Packs, and also available in re-sealable multi-time use packs. POP N Crunch range includes Premium handpicked, Cashews & Almonds, Long Peanuts, Roasted Corn Nuts, Party Nut Mix, and Coated Green Peas, processed in the latest technology through an imported roasting line. New Introduction is an Immunity booster range - Pumpkin seeds, Super Seeds (Seed Mix), and Sunflower seeds.

The responsible shift for sustainability

The most important shift as a society has been the shift to sustainability. “As a brand, we are now more conscious than ever of our actions and their consequences for the environment. Sustainability is critical, and all companies should contribute to environmental protection. We pay close attention to product packing. Cornitos Corn Nuts, Super Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, and other Nuts and Seeds come in resealable bags that allow consumers to use them multiple times while maintaining freshness. Cornitos also introduced the Utsava Gift Range, an eco-friendly jute bag that can be reused. The Manufacturing plant of Cornitos CRUSTIES is a completely eco-friendly plant that runs on Solar Energy. Cornitos CRUSTIES are baked, nutrient-rich snacks processed with the latest technology,” informs Agarwal. 

Agarwal also shared that the full range of Cornitos products is available on the e-commerce site to keep up with the rapidly changing trend.  And expand reach to provide customers directly through the online shop and get to know first-hand product feedback.

Aiming higher for the future

Cornitos’ future vision is to bring innovative products that are agro-based, aiming at healthy snacking and providing value for money to consumers. “We had achieved a turnover of 100 Cr previously and this year we have aggressive targets. We should be able to achieve 25 to 30% growth over last year. CRUSTIES, the baked snack sale will help us in growth,” says Agarwal.

Vikram Agarwal, managing director, Greendot Health Foods
Vikram Agarwal, managing director, Greendot Health FoodsPhoto - Cornitos

Message for all budding entrepreneurs 

“Recently, the industry and the market have welcomed various entrepreneurs from different segments. While starting a business, there is a lot of R&D that has to take place. It is important to find the differentiator in the products that can fill the gap. Product Innovation is the key to beating the high competition in the market. In addition, pay attention to trends by expanding observations, and listening to input and suggestions from the consumers,” Agarwal concludes.

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