Arla Foods Ingredients targets Latin America’s dessert fans with high protein concept

Arla Foods Ingredients targets Latin America’s dessert fans with high protein concept
Photo - Arla Foods Ingredients

Arla Foods Ingredients has launched a new concept to help manufacturers in Latin America create high protein desserts that offer healthier indulgence. The product will be showcased at FiSA 2022, which takes place from 9 to 11 August in São Paulo, Brazil.

Latin America accounted for 14% of global indulgent dairy launches last year.1 Meanwhile, research conducted by Arla Foods Ingredients in Brazil confirms the most important attributes for these consumers are taste and indulgence, followed by natural and healthy characteristics. The same data identified almost 40% of respondents wanted to find high protein pudding options in the supermarket.

Arla Foods Ingredients’ latest concept features Nutrilac FO-7875, which delivers a creamier and smoother texture to recipes even if they are low in fat. The clean label dessert is rich in whey protein (10%), and therefore has high levels of glutamine, cysteine and BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids).

Ignacio Estevez, application manager, Arla Foods Ingredients, South America, said, “Dessert manufacturers are increasingly looking for innovative ways to meet the consumer demand for ready-to-eat high protein dairy options, which deliver delight along with portion control. Also, Nutrilac FO-7875 is produced in Argentina, which means it is good news for South American producers who can benefit from both proximity and greater purchase flexibility.”

The new concept also offers production advantages, such as being fast to market. The process is quick and easy to implement because it uses a standard yoghurt production line instead of UHT technology. It is also adaptable to most industry equipment so investing in additional machinery should not be necessary.

The concept will be launched at the biggest ingredients show for the region – FiSA 2022 – on Arla Foods Ingredients’ stand (Booth C30), alongside other innovations, including:

  • A fermented dairy beverage, a UHT beverage, and a UHT dessert, all featuring Variolac whey permeate, an ingredient that helps meet demand for products with the ‘no added sugar’ claim in Brazil

  • A protein shake featuring a blend of slow-digesting Lacprodan MicelPure micellar casein and fast-absorbing whey, with a neutral taste that is easy to add flavour to

  • A clear RTD protein beverage featuring Lacprodan whey protein isolates for sports and nutrition products, offering zero fat, zero lactose, and no taste of protein

  • Indulgent bars for the South American market, which will feature Lacprodan PB-8220

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