CP Kelco unlocks nature-powered success through innovation

No compromise - The future of food & beverage innovation
CP Kelco unlocks nature-powered success through innovation
CP Kelco will continue to unlock its abundant potential through new products, applications, and functionalitiesPhoto - Patrick Fore on Unsplash

The future of product development is going to be heavily influenced by the convergence of six important concepts, said CP Kelco. Each is about empowering customers and consumers with abundant, affordable choices and no compromises. Spotting trends early is crucial to the product development process. However, connecting all the pieces allows for full-circle synergy that spurs innovation.

Simple & clear labels

The idea of 'clean label' continues to evolve, but one thing is, well, clear - Consumer demand for transparency is at the forefront.

According to CP Kelco, manufacturers can earn consumers' trust by using powerful but minimally processed and sustainably sourced, nature-based ingredients. In addition to a simple and clear ingredient deck, consumers may be looking for less overall ingredients. They may also prefer products that are organic compliant, non-GMO, and with less fat or sugar. That doesn't have to mean compromise for you or consumers. It just means ingredient functionality becomes more important. The company sees this spotlight on ingredients continuing to grow as consumers focus on overall health and wellness.

Appealing to the senses

How many of us have walked into a bakery and been comforted just by the aroma of fresh-baked cookies? Or bought a liquid laundry detergent because the scent reminded us of clean sheets drying on a clothesline in the sun? Let's face it: a product must look good, smell good, feel and taste good to attract consumers. Psychology says some of our most memorable experiences are tied to sensory perception.

Sensory aspects can be the last hurdle for getting consumers to try a new product. Will the plant-based body wash be gentle enough for my sensitive skin? Will my plant-based cheese alternative melt like traditional dairy cheese on my usual Friday night pizza? They may try your product once, but consumers must enjoy – and even prefer – the sensory aspects to make the switch.

Good for you

CP Kelco believes health and wellness benefits will be inherent in new product offerings going forward, enabling personalized nutrition to become mainstream along with added physical and mental wellness benefits.

The idea is not limited to food and beverage product development either; there is synergy with the personal care and home care segments. Soothing or invigorating benefits and calming scents are prevalent, with a nod to environmental concerns and skin sensitivities using allergen-free ingredients.

Good for the planet

Consumers don't just want products that are good for them; they want products that are also good for the planet, it said. There has been a noticeable shift towards sustainability from small companies to global powerhouses as consumers opt for brands that put the environment first.

CP Kelco envisions products in the future will require less water, land, and energy to produce, allowing Mother Nature to flourish, along with animal life. Innovation is already driving this movement forward through the exploration of new, alternative proteins and fermentation technology.

Powered by nature & new technology

For almost 90 years, nature has been CP Kelco's source and inspiration for dozens of powerful ingredients. Along with a steadfast commitment to sustainable sourcing and minimal processing, new ideas help the company bring out the best functionality of its nature-based ingredients.

Fermentation is one of those technologies that nature has given CP Kelco that will ensure reliable functionality as it helps create a sustainable, resilient future. It means quality ingredients in quantities small or large for customers without the worry of scarcity due to natural events. For consumers, it means enjoying the products they love while also preserving plants and animals.

Culturally comprehensive

Foods and beverages are more than nutrition; the products and even the preparation and the sharing of meals often have deep meaning attached to it. Besides family customs, some foods are consumed due to religious beliefs, with strict dietary laws for promoting spiritual health. Many global religions are vegetarians or follow strict prescriptions for the consumption of animal-based foods, such as kosher and halal.

Others pursue vegetarianism or veganism for their health reasons or over concern for animal welfare. It underscores a need for vegan formulations in beauty, personal care, and home care products. The spectrum of new product offerings will be more sensitive to consumers' cultural preferences in the future.

The needs of the marketplace and the global demands of consumers will continue to evolve. However, the company sees a future full of possibilities, where nature holds the key to innovation with no compromises. CP Kelco will continue to unlock its abundant potential through new products, applications, and functionalities.

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