Geltor unveils first-of-its-kind animal-free collagen 'PrimaColl'

A next-generation high-purity bioactive collagen made with zero animal inputs for f&b
Geltor unveils first-of-its-kind animal-free collagen 'PrimaColl'
Geltor is engaging GTM partners and market-leading brands to fuel launch trajectory for high-purity bioactive, PrimaCollPhoto - Geltor

Specialty protein company, Geltor, announced the latest in its series of bio-designed ingredients, PrimaColl, the first-of-its-kind animal-free collagen for the food and beverage industries. Produced through Geltor's proprietary fermentation process, PrimaColl sets a new bar for collagens in terms of functionality, performance, sustainability, and accessibility for a broad range of diets, including kosher, halal, and vegan.

Formulators and brand marketers alike have expressed excitement about PrimaColl, a new high-purity, a bioactive ingredient that also directly supports their commitments to sustainability and responsible sourcing.

PrimaColl is poised to expand the global collagen market size, already projected to reach US $7.5 billion by 2027. It now can appeal to uncompromising consumers who previously passed on collagen products due to their animal sourcing. "Collagen's popularity is accelerating year-over-year, despite its constraints as an ingredient derived from animals. With PrimaColl, our customers finally have an unprecedented opportunity to access new markets with a bona fide collagen that is truly animal-free," said Geltor's chief executive officer and co-founder, Alex Lorestani.

Photo - Geltor

Geltor selected Swiss contract manufacturer LSI (formerly known as Lonza Specialty Ingredients) to produce PrimaColl. "We take great pride in combining our time-tested production expertise with the latest and most impactful technologies available today - an area in which Geltor is a pioneer," said Lukas von Hippel, vice president, Global head CDMO, LSI. "Our renowned ability to speed up time to market by combining technological skills, the highest standard of quality, and reduced overall investment can play a major role in their success."

Manufacturing of PrimaColl has begun to build commercial-scale inventory through summer 2021. Geltor is currently in discussions with category-leading food and beverage companies, with potential first-to-market rights in select product categories. Formulators and brand marketers alike have expressed excitement about a new high-purity, bioactive ingredient that directly supports their sustainability and responsible sourcing commitments. Samples of PrimaColl are currently available to commercial product formulators and can be requested at

According to the company, distinct from plant-based "collagen builder" or "collagen booster" formulations seen hitting shelves, PrimaColl is real collagen. It is an exact match to the bioactive amino acid core of the less abundant Type 21 collagen. Like most collagens, the natural production of Type 21 decreases into adulthood. This rare collagen type was selected in the biodesign of PrimaColl due to its essential role in interacting with other collagens, which can help stimulate additional collagen production at the cellular level.

Geltor is the biodesign company behind the world's most advanced specialty protein ingredients. Through its ingredient technologies, Geltor offers best-in-class innovation uniquely able to respond to changing customer needs at unprecedented speed, precision, and sustainability.

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