Inch closer to your health goals with The Better Flour’s nutritious flour blends

Utilizing chickpeas as a base ingredient, TBF produces a range of gluten-free flour blends and pancake mixes
Inch closer to your health goals with The Better Flour’s nutritious flour blends
Photo- The Better Flour

The Better Flour (TBF) was launched in May 2022 to address a gap in the market - the consumer has to sacrifice taste to increase the nutritional value of the food he/she consumes and/or adapt to different food cultures. The company decided to challenge the very foundation of a meal, flour. Its journey began by questioning why flour, a kitchen essential, was never regarded as a food with flavor. TBF was founded by Shailesh Karwa , Sharad Dalmia and Siddharth Biyani.

Shailesh Karwa, co-founder, The Better Flour talked about TBF’S purpose, “We aim to provide vegan/vegetarian food options to upwardly mobile customers which naturally meet both the taste and increasing health needs of its consumers and at the same time is in sync with the cultural nuances of the consumer. The response to our first product: a nutritious, flavourful, easy-to-make, gluten-free flour blend has been overwhelming.”

TBF’s current products include a range of gluten-free flour blends in 3 variants- The Original Blend, The Lean Green Blend- made from spinach and lentils, and The Robust Red Blend which has beetroot and sorghum and a range of ready-to-cook pancake mixes in 4 flavors- Blueberry, Chocolate, Pineapple, and Banana. Their manufacturing facility is located in Akola, Maharashtra.

The better and bolder flour

Flour is the foundation of our meals. It certainly nourishes, but the TBF team asked themselves, what if they made it better? Taking the matter into their own (flour-dusted) hands, they swapped traditional grains with healthier alternatives to deliver a flour that is both full of flavor and good for the gut.

The company made the bold and progressive choice of white chickpeas as the flour’s base ingredient, as the first step towards crafting a better flour. Karwa shed light on the reason for this and said, “Chickpea is a peerless source of protein and at the same time pack in plenty of flavors. We went a step further and crafted a proprietary flour blend that scores high on nutrition and flavor.”

Shailesh Karwa, co-founder, The Better Flour
Shailesh Karwa, co-founder, The Better Flour

A step towards a better diet

The company crafted a flour blend that is wholesome, nutritious, and smacks of flavor. A combination of white chickpeas, millet, and rice, the blend provides the ideal protein-to-carb ratio, while retaining the taste and texture of regular flour. The product can aid diet-conscious consumers in achieving their health goals. Karwa added, “Blended grains are the perfect way to introduce a variety of nutrients to your diet and in turn can aid with better digestion, increased immunity, and even weight loss.”

What makes it better?

The foundation of TBF’s flour blends is made of white chickpeas, lentils,rice, and sorghum, to which the company adds ingredients such as spinach, beetroot, and more. Karwa listed some of the key features of the TBF blends-

Stoneground: Stoneground flours are a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They also retain the taste of the grains.

Gluten-free: Natural, gluten-free grains prevent fatigue and control spikes in sugar.

Farm-to-Mill: The finest grains sourced directly from our partner farms ensure the most nutritious meals and snacks.

Good for your gut: Rich in dietary fiber and low in carb content, the blend is easy to digest and keeps you light on your feet.

All-natural: TBF flour is free from preservatives and added ingredients.

He added, “We created a flour that maximizes taste because it’s so essential to our everyday cooking. As an additional perk, our flour allows your health and your family’s health to flourish because it’s a healthier alternative to regular atta. It’s a win-win. It’s not a choice between taste and health, with Better Flour you get both - it’s a flavorful flour and health is the outcome of it."

Photo- The Better Flour

Insights into the future

TBF’S forthcoming launches include an instant breakfast mix range (vegan omelet, dosa, idli), cake mix, pasta, and noodles. According to Karwa, the company plans to venture into other domains such as ready-to-eat products like cookies, crackers, and desserts in the coming times.

“With our versatile flour and the selection of products that have emerged from it, we’ve taken a leap towards better consumption that won’t cost you the time. It really is better on all counts, and better in the long run,” Karwa wrapped up.

Photo- The Better Flour

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