Light and healthy Iftar with staples from Bateel

Discover the power of premium dates & gourmet delights
Light and healthy Iftar with staples from Bateel
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We love indulging at Iftar, especially during the early days of Ramadan. While it is wonderful to break your fast with family and friends, it is recommended to opt for a lighter iftar since we are not physically active as we were before the pandemic. The main concern today is about staying strong. During Ramadan, one of the most recommended food options are dates -- simply out of respect for tradition and because they claim to offer a super quick boost of energy and nutritionally speaking, dates contain potassium, protein, iron, and other minerals. Grown exclusively in an optimal environment, Bateel’s gourmet dates are claimed to be 100% organic and retain their natural flavor as well as superior texture. Some of their most popular varieties include Ajwa, Medjool, and Segai.

Known as the ‘Holy Date’, Ajwa dates have long held a special place within Arabic tradition. With their sweet, luscious taste and raisin-like texture, they are reminiscent of prunes, with a flesh which beautifully melts in the mouth. With each mouthful, you will be consuming a high level of vitamins, healthy fats, protein, and carotenoids.

The Medjool date stands out for its thin, reddish-brown to mahogany skin and amber-hued flesh. These dates are naturally sweet without any added sugar, and they are full of potassium. These luscious dates are virtually sodium, fat, and cholesterol-free, making them an organic superfood. Soft, juicy, and surprisingly chewy, Segai dates are characterized by their multi-colored hues and distinctive oblong shape. These dates are medium in size, with a crunchy, dry base and a fruity flavor -- and are mildly sweet.

So this Ramadan, while the sacrifice that fasting represents is more relevant than ever, remember to keep your Iftar mean light, healthy and cheerful.

The Bateel groves in Al-Ghat, Saudi Arabia, produce more than 20 varieties of premium quality dates, including the famed Ajwa, Medjool, and Khidri. Bateel today has a presence in 16 countries, including India, with over 40 boutiques and 25 cafes delighting even the most discerning consumers.

Combining dates with gourmet fillings, fine chocolate, and then adding an extensive range of fine savory foods to their portfolio, Bateel is rooted in Arabic culture and hospitality led by a mission to delight consumers worldwide.

The largest producer of fine chocolates in the Middle East, Bateel’s reputation has been firmly established by its famous date chocolate recipes. Spanning across delightful truffles, pralines, and ganaches, each chocolate features an unforgettable delicate texture, rich taste, and authentic aroma.

The brand’s extensive offering includes premium coffees made from the finest Arabica beans, kahwa, date dhibs (syrup), honey, olive oil complemented by aged date balsamic vinegar, and a sparkling date drink. Using dates and date sugar as a sweetener, all Bateel sweets are lower in sugar than comparative products.

Known for their exquisite approach to packaging and gourmet gifts, Bateel has made gifting an art form. The wide selection of luxurious and traditional packaging offers suitable choices for all occasions, whether for family, friends, or businesses. The brand bases its philosophy that a gift from Bateel is a reflection of a rich tradition of hospitality and impeccable taste.

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