Oterra’s Red and Pink natural color blends the smart ‘plant for plant’ option

Oterra’s Red and Pink natural color blends the smart ‘plant for plant’ option
Photo - Oterra

Oterra, the world’s leading supplier of natural colors for food and beverage, announced the launch of its new ready-to-use Red and Pink ColorFruit and FruitMax blends for plant-based meat and seafood in June 2023. These blends help food manufacturers meet the growing consumer demand for clean-label plant-based products that mimic the look and behavior of traditional animal-derived variants. Free from palm oil and made from plant and vegetable-based raw materials, these blends are the natural ‘plant for plant’ coloring choice.

With color influencing 50-85% of purchase decisions, Oterra’s ready-to-use blends, are not only convenient to use and ideal for reducing complexity in the manufacturer's process, but they are also perfect for creating stable tailor-made shades for all types of meat and seafood substitute products, be it burgers, sausages, minced meat, meatballs, deli slices, salmon or tuna steaks.

Designed by Oterra’s world-class technical team, the Red and Pink blends expand upon traditional colors for plant-based products, by utilizing a special pigment combination that means the color not only looks great in the first instance but also mimics animal-based meat by changing color during the cooking process.

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