Symrise Nigeria launches upgraded application labs, identifies Nigeria as pathway to growth in the region

Expansion of application space in the Nigerian capital
Symrise Nigeria launches upgraded application labs, identifies Nigeria as pathway to growth in the region
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Nigerian subsidiary of global flavors, fragrance, and cosmetic as well as nutritional ingredients manufacturer, Symrise, has unveiled its newly upgraded application laboratories in Lagos. According to Symrise Nigeria, the company bases its decision on the fact that they consider Nigeria central to their growth and the launch pad to better value delivery to its consumers in the region.

Symrise disclosed this during the press conference and office opening event for clients held at Symrise Nigeria’s new facilities in Ikeja. Speaking about the company’s activities in Nigeria, Lilian Regnier - president, Symrise Europe, Africa, Middle East said, “Symrise Nigeria has operated in the country for over 30 years. We have invested in building, maintaining, and running our operations in the country. Nigeria represents a pathway to growth for us in the Central, East, and West African regions and we feel confident that the economic trajectory of the country will serve as a net positive to global manufacturers and organizations who believe in the country’s future.”

The size of the personal care segment in Nigeria covers an estimated $1B market, with SMEs gaining an incremental market share as it accounts for over 94% of businesses in the country. On the opportunities the new application labs create for SME businesses in the country, elaborated René Hemeier, Symrise Vice President EAME Scent, Care and Fragrance Division.

Responding to the evolving market dynamics and industry demands, Symrise Nigeria’s state-of-the-art application labs open numerous market opportunities for Nigeria’s manufacturing sector. Sofiane Berrahmoune, Symrise Vice President for the region in the Taste, Nutrition & Health Division, affirmed that, “This new facility enables us to serve the market, and also to understand the market better and to serve it more effectively.” Iyabode Ogunwole, key account manager, Symrise Nigeria, added that the company, “works with local partners for both blending and flavors to reach SMEs and develop the market.” The upgraded facility is strategically poised to cater to the diverse needs of the industry, offering tailored solutions that empower different sized manufacturers to thrive in a competitive market environment.

Looking ahead, Symrise Nigeria is poised for sustained growth and expansion within Nigeria and the wider African market. With a clear vision, Symrise Nigeria aims to continue pioneering innovation, driving value creation, and fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that propel the industry forward.

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