Walnuts reaches a new high after the Covid-19 pandemic

Good choice for immunity and mental wellness
Walnuts reaches a new high after the Covid-19 pandemic
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The outbreak of Covid-19 has caught the world off-guard and has impacted industries adversely across various verticals. It has affected not only people and health but also their behavioral pattern and buying psychology. The change in consumer buying patterns is transforming the face of various sectors, especially the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. The FMCG sector saw the positive movement as work from home, and social distancing becomes the new normal. Adopting a new routine that involves spending most of the time at home has aggravated the sales of packaged food aggressively.

Driving FMCG to a new high

People are now understanding the significance of their health more and thus resort to maintaining a healthier lifestyle while abiding with the safety norms. This further makes them purchase packaged food, especially dry fruits, nuts, and other edibles. One of the products taking the lead in the soaring profit numbers of the FMCG sector is walnuts. More and more doyens in the food FMCG sector are resorting to incorporating walnuts in their assortment of products as the country's demand seems to be surging with every passing day. Walnuts stand out as a great option when it comes to choosing foods that support wellbeing, especially immunity, and mental wellness:

Immune Support - Walnuts, as part of a nutritious diet, support immunity with a range of vitamins and minerals. They are a good source of vitamin B6 (0.2mg/oz) and an excellent source of copper (0.45mg/oz) and manganese (0.1mg/oz), all of which contribute to normal functioning of the immune system. While a healthy immune system cannot be achieved with one food alone, a balanced diet along with physical activity and regular sleep can certainly help.

Gut Health - A healthy gut microbiome has been linked to various health benefits that can strengthen the immune system, including reducing inflammation and supporting digestion and metabolism. Research from The Journal of Nutrition suggests walnuts may be a good choice for gut health because of their prebiotic properties.

Mental Health - Choosing the right foods can also help benefit mental and emotional wellbeing. Growing evidence suggests certain foods, like walnuts, may have a beneficial role in supporting cognitive factors like memory and mental health conditions such as depression. One large study from nutrients suggested that consuming walnuts may be associated with a lower prevalence and frequency of depression symptoms among American adults.

Unity in diversity

Exploring different domains and experimenting with a diversity of products, especially trail mixes, value-added products, including cereals, energy bars, and bakery products, walnuts, help the FMCG sector stride ahead and match the expectations of consumers. With walnut butter, walnut ice cream, and walnut milk, along with other appetizing crunchy hampers being the buzz with consumers, the FMCG business supports variations in the sector and its due traction. It is playing smart on the new consumer psychology and upping its level to catch customers' attention.

Soaring stats and skyrocketing profits

The fourth-largest sector in the Indian economy, forming 19% of the food and beverages segment, FMCG is now bringing its A-game to the table and influencing the renowned stakeholders in the sector. The FMCG market has witnessed a remarkable growth of 7.1% and is anticipated to grow more prominent in 2021.

Introspection to bear fruits

With brands analyzing their business models and collaborating with AI to integrate high-end, new-age technology, the FMCG sector is automating itself and creating new success skies. Analyzing and strategizing afresh after the global crisis outbreak has helped the brands prosper and stabilize the industry during these times. Globally, the European and other international markets are also seeing the boom of FMCG business.

The FMCG industry has seen its ups and downs throughout the crisis and is not just healing but gaining more profitability than before, thanks to the robust growth drivers of the vertical. According to market researcher Nielsen, the sector is anticipated to touch Rs 4.3-trillion in 2021 and will pave a new ascent in the FMCG sector's history.

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