Cadbury Bournvita urges parents to practice #FaithNotForce when kids choose a calling  

Bournvita transformed its iconic jar in a bid to draw attention to the futility of forcing career choices upon children.
Cadbury Bournvita urges parents to practice #FaithNotForce when kids choose a calling  
Photo - Cadbury Bournvita

Cadbury Bournvita, one of India’s favorite malted drink and a brand loved for its narrative on progressive parenting & preparation, has yet another strong reminder for society to recognise and nurture every child’s individual potential - #FaithNotForce – A movement that aims to enlighten parents to take notice of their children’s true talent instead of forcing them into preset career molds.  

As a society, it's always dictated what a kids’ futures should be. Even though it's done with best at heart, forcing kids towards a particular profession often ignoring their natural inclination and talent. And to demonstrate this in a manner that registers and drives the point home, the brand has decided to do something audacious. It transformed the iconic Bournvita Jar, found in every household, and forced the jars to become something they weren’t destined to be- a toilet cleaner jar, an egg box, tissue paper box, a glass cleaner bottle, a ketchup bottle, a soap box, a cooking oil bottle. These jars contain Bournvita powder inside but don’t look like the Bournvita Jar they were meant to be.   

The intent is to shock consumers when they reach out for the iconic Bournvita jar at shopping aisles and the company’s direct-to-consumer website, and notice these strange looking packs, to help them draw a parallel to situations when children are also forced to follow a prefixed path that may work for others but may not be true to the child’s individual potential. 

Commenting on the campaign, Vikasdeep Katyal, director– Marketing, GCBM, Mondelez India, said, “Over the last seven decades, Cadbury Bournvita has successfully built a strong bond with parents by delivering on the nutritional needs. While society continues to view career options with a limited spectrum, we realized the need to urge parents to take off the pressure of latching the same career choices onto their children. Our idea is built on a simple premise of not overlooking a child’s true potential, and we are confident that the innovation in terms of the packaging will help parents take notice of the campaign along with the #FaithNotForce pledge. We sincerely hope to gain support in our attempt towards instilling faith and celebrating every child’s uniqueness.” 

Harshad & Kainaz, chief creative officers, Ogilvy India, who helms the team that conceived and executed the idea, elaborates on the genesis of the same, “It took a long time and many test runs before we could get this project to the floor. Right from idea to execution, our creative team, Akshay Seth and Chinmay Raut, and the larger Bournvita team at Ogilvy have spared no effort. From the birth of the idea to planning the campaign ecosystem, designing the packs and e-commerce page, it has been an exciting journey. When people around saw the idea, the emotions it evoked was all the proof we needed, that we’ve hit upon a truth that needs to be told. Forced Packs is an intervention; to stop pushing our ambitions onto our children.” 

Shekhar Banerjee, chief client office and office head- West, Wavemaker India, added, “Will you buy Bournvita, if we force you to see a Tissue paper looking Bournvita Ad? We are asking some very provocative questions to Indian Parents and re-emphasizing the need for parents to have faith in their kids and not force them. On Media, our intent is to build intrigue and shock hence, our approach was to execute Forced Ads to promote Bournvita’s Forced Packs. We had to rethink all the standard success metrics on media and how we work around platform algorithms to make this happen.” 

The Cadbury Bournvita Forced Packs are available at select Star Bazaar outlets as well as across online channels. By bringing these jars home and sharing their pledge, parents can prove that they too stand for showing #FaithNotForce. 

This campaign is supported by a high decibel 360-degree marketing campaign including print activations, partnerships with leading social media platforms and influencer engagement. The campaign will also feature on our parenting website that will host inspiring stories about letting kids pursue their preferred career choices, in addition to anchoring progressive and holistic conversations on parenting for kids during their formative years. 

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