Ease your hunger pangs between meals - Bite into cookies and biscuits of your choice!

Ease your hunger pangs between meals - Bite into cookies and biscuits of your choice!
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Nothing beats when you dip your favorite cookie flavor into the perfect cup of tea while spending leisurely hours at home. The wafting flavors of biscuits through the house give your snacking a perk! When it comes to food, snacking and teatime viands like biscuits and cookies are a must in every home. Biscuits and cookies have grabbed special attention in the food market due to their diverse flavors.

As per the reports, India is one of the world’s largest producers of biscuits, and the industry is growing significantly due to alterations in consumer tastes and preferences. To cater to the diverse tastes of each individual, biscuits and cookies are launched in various variants. Read on to know the leading biscuit brands that help us in our journey of making beautiful memories:


With over 100-year history, Britannia is far-famed for its diverse biscuit variants. In India, it is considered one of the most trusted brands. The products of Britannia involve biscuits, bread, cakes, rusk, dairy items like cheese, beverages, milk, and yogurt.

In the biscuits category, its various brands include Pure Magic, Treat, Britannia cookies, Milk Bites, Tiger, Nutri Choice, Good Day, Time Pass, Bourbon, Little Hearts, 50-50, Nice Time, Marie Gold, Rusks, and many more.


One of the leading brands of ITC, Sunfeast boasts a distinguished reputation for its quality and taste. An Indian heritage brand famous for spreading contentment, satisfaction, peace, and happiness involves various brands like Marie Lite, Mon’s Magic, Bounce, Bourbon Bless, Dark Fantasy, and many more.


Cremica is one of the most renowned biscuit brands in northern India, which is enjoyed incredibly at almost every house. The brand has launched its four variants in distinct categories: crackers, cookies, cream biscuits, and glucose biscuits. Cremica Digestive biscuit is introduced with the richness of whole wheat and fiber, seeking consumers’ preference towards healthy eating.


Every child’s favorite brand, Parle, is famous for its significant and influential variant-Parle G. Since its inception in 1929, Parle has been the favorite household biscuit brand in every Indian home. It represents quality, nutrition, and superior taste and formulates wonderful memories when paired with a cup of tea or milk. Parle produces an array of flavors, including 20-20, Monaco, Hides and Seeks, Milk Shakti, Maries, Krack-jack, Happy Happy Happy, and so on.


Far-famed for their precious, priceless, superior, valued, and treasured biscuits, Anmol boasts a solid presence in more than 18 states in India. With a passion for offering extraordinary delight to its customers, Anmol has been striving to maintain a high-quality standard. Some of its eminent brands include Bakers Bix, Jeera Dhamal, Snack It, Dream Lite, Top Magic, Golmal, and many more.

 Priya Gold

Priya Gold is famous for its high nutritional content and is regarded as one of the best biscuit brands in India. The company has successfully established its business lines in more than twenty nations apart from India. From creamy butter flavor to the fresh aroma of the fruits, PriyaGold offers a wide range of diverse flavors. The most popular biscuits of PriyaGold are choco-chip biscuits and butter biscuits. 


Having over 30 varieties with seven sugar-free flavors, Unibic stands distinguished in the category of biscuit brands. The rich and flavored cookies of Unibic are carbohydrate and fiber-rich and contain plain oats that assist in weight loss. The product portfolio of Unibic involves chocolate, butter, milk, and health. Other biscuits brands include digestive biscuits, choco, nuts range, snack bars, sugar-free biscuits, coconut, cashew, oatmeal, and jam cookies.

Bonn Biscuits

Bonn Food Industries are distinguished producers of bakery and confectionery products. The company strives to bring excellence in every aspect of a wholesome product range. The most famous brands of Bonn in biscuits include Cracker biscuits, Coconut biscuits, Digestive Biscuits, Marie Biscuits, Cream Biscuits, Butter biscuits, Bourbon Cream Biscuits, Glucose Biscuits, and Crack-nut cookies.

Dukes Biscuit

With the most appealing packaging and incredible flavors, Dukes have become a household name in biscuits and cookies across India. The brand is famous for providing nutrients, minerals, and vitamin-rich ingredients in its range of healthy biscuits. Their product range in the biscuit category includes Milk Buzz biscuits, Top Butter crackers, Digestive biscuits, Bourbon, Marie Break, Merry Milk biscuits, etc.

In a fast-moving world, consumers feel delighted with the introduction of the health category in biscuits and cookies. The demand for this category is set to rise in the coming times as the contemporary world scuffles to balance health and work stress simultaneously. Biscuit producers should take this opportunity to continue bringing innovation in this sector as per the target consumers' preferences.

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