Eat what you crave, ready within minutes

Explore the world of frozen foods, made to satisfy all your cravings
Eat what you crave, ready within minutes
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If you want delicious and easy meals that can be prepared and served in minutes, frozen foods are the answer to it all. Quick and easy meals have become a practical solution with today's hectic work schedules and ever-changing eating habits. Frozen food is loved and embraced by many Indian households, which has led to a steep rise in the frozen food industry in India. Some frozen food brands that have made a mark in the Indian market are discussed below.


Founded in 1946, Amul is a well-known brand in every Indian household and ventured into the frozen food segment in 2017. From French fries to cheese balls, these vegetarian products do not require defrosting and are an affordable treat for any household.


The company's entry into the frozen segment began with shrimp. The brand has since then risen to become one of the most popular names in the frozen food segment, giving competing brands a run for their money. Also offered are frozen snacks like chicken galouti kebab, hara bhara kebab, cheesy corn triangles, Lebanese falafel kebab, classic aloo tikki, barbeque chicken wings, grilled chicken wings, and much more. The brand also offers a wide vegetarian selection and claims to contain no artificial colors or preservatives. They can be deep-fried, air-fried, and baked.

McCain Foods

McCain Foods is one of the best-selling frozen food brands in India. Even though it is a Canadian brand, it has earned a well-known and appreciated reputation in the Indian market by offering products that suit Indian taste buds, such as mini samosa and aloo tikki along with potato wedges, masala fries, nuggets, and much more. Apart from taste and texture, the brand is also popular because its products claim to contain no cholesterol and are free from trans fats.

Forstar Frozen Foods

Known as one of the largest seafood sellers across the country, the company has four decades of experience in the seafood industry. With the motto that customer satisfaction comes first, Forestar offers its customers a wide selection of frozen seafood such as fish curries, rice dishes, seafood soups, squid, octopus, pomfrets, and more.


 Established in 1971, Venky's today is the largest fully integrated poultry group in Asia. The company has diverse activities, including chicken and egg processing, broiler and layer breeding, genetic research and poultry diseases diagnostic, poultry vaccines and feed supplements, and more. The popular frozen foods from the brand include chicken meatballs, chicken salami slices, chicken samosa, chicken keema, chicken and cheese nuggets, and chicken popcorn, among others.

Innovative Foods Limited (Sumeru)

Sumeru has its roots in Kerala, Kochi and caters to the global market by exporting to USA, Canada, and UK. Its expertise lies in importing, exporting, trading, and manufacturing processed and frozen food. Hygiene and freshness are given top priority, and the company has a pan-India presence covering all tiers of cities and towns with a wide range of options for different taste palettes. Its list of products includes aloo paratha, green peas, sweet corn, fish fillet, French fries, fish fingers, prawns, sear fish steaks, chicken burger patty, chicken nuggets, mixed vegetables, chicken spicy strips, chicken and veg momos and much more.


Safal is part of Mother Dairy, a brand known for its frozen vegetables, especially frozen peas. Safal is an inexpensive product that is highly prized for its year-round availability, taste, and packaging. Overall, Safal is a popular brand for frozen diced vegetables all year round.

Godrej Yummiez

Offers a wide selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian frozen products. Godrej Yummiez is a well-known brand in Indian households and is appreciated because it uses individual quick freezing ( IQF ) methods to keep the vegetables fresh and nutritious. Its no-touch packaging and delivery guarantee 100% hygiene and safety. The nutritious and delicious snack range consists of over 40 products, including nuggets, burger patties, salami, sausages, kebabs, corn, and green peas.

Bluepine Foods

Bluepine Foods is a frozen food brand that sells Himalayan-style frozen vegetable momos, frozen spring rolls, and frozen non-vegetable momos. Founded in 2016, the brand attracted much attention after its appearance on Shark Tank India. The brand is widely accepted and appreciated for offering regular, gluten-free, and wheat momos.

Buffet Frozen Foods

 Buffet Frozen Foods entered the frozen food segment 15 years ago and offered an impressive selection of ready-to-eat options for reheating and serving. There are extensive offerings for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, such as cocktail idlis, paneer wraps, cheese cocktail samosa, vegetable and cheese wrap, Frech fries, pizza pockets, vegetable spring rolls, and vegetable sticks from the vegetarian category, as well as sausages, chicken nuggets, chicken sheek kebab, chicken momos and seafood snacks like fish fillet, cocktail prawn momos, fish cutlet, breaded squid rings and more for non-vegetarians.

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