Enjoy hot & humid summers with chilled Skippi
Photo - Skippi

Enjoy hot & humid summers with chilled Skippi

Launched in 2021 by Anuja and Ravi Kabra, Skippi is a Hyderabad-based ice-pop brand that claims to be India's first ice-pop brand offering 100% naturally flavored ice pops. This frozen sweetness is a guaranteed visit to your childhood and brings back all those good old memories.

The journey of Skippi Ice Pops started when Kabra observed their family member packing ice pops for her trip to India. When researched, they discovered how tough it was to find a hygienic and trusted ice pop brand. Recognizing the product's potential in the Indian market, the Kabra's launched their very own popsicle brand - Skippi Ice pops.

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The uniqueness of these popsicles is that these ice pops are sold at room temperature in liquid form in tubes. They must be frozen for about eight hours to get the ice pops. Also, Skippi only uses natural colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners made from fruits and vegetables, making it a safe choice for your kids. “We offer refreshing flavors in our portfolio – Raspberry Freshness, Tangy Orange, Juicy Mango Twist, Lemon-O-Licious, Refreshing Cola, and Yum Yum Bubble-gum. We have also launched our new tropical flavors – Lychee, Pineapple, and Pink Guava,” shares Ravi Kabra, co-founder, and chief executive officer, Skippi.

With festivity around the corner, Skippi plans to spread its frozen happiness and colors to all its customers with exclusive flavored chuskis made for Holi. As for the distribution layout, being made available in over 25 states in India, Skippi plans to create a loyal customer base for which they collaborate with influencers and PR agencies to drive more campaigns and be an active part of college fests and cultural activities. The brand also caught many eyes when it made it to the top five favorite brands of the business-pitch reality show Shark Tank India.

Photo - Skippi

Wheeling for nostalgia

Skippi Ice Pops has recently launched the SKIPPI Freezer Bike, these are EV freezer bikes for easy and convenient delivery to consumers. These Ice Pops aim to bring back a part of your childhood with the launch of Skippi Freezer Bikes, be it at a public park, corporate park, or at schools and colleges, with a product that is 100% natural and created with stringent hygiene standards.

It further plans to expand the distribution from metro cities to remote places across the country and foresees expanding to other countries as well. Skippi is currently available in India, Bhutan, New Zealand, Mauritius, UAE, Kuwait, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Takeaway for all entrepreneurs

Ravi believes the biggest takeaway he's gotten from building Skippi Icepops is to be patient and calm. Moreover, he emphasizes how pivotal it is to believe in your dreams. "Experience is what any entrepreneur can learn. Whatever you do, learn and evolve from the experiences," Kabra concludes.

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