Ensure food safety by using Decontamination Plants to sterilize your products

Jaivik Foods offers all-round solutions for decontamination plants to help manufacturers be assured of the safety of their food products
Decontamination plant
Decontamination plantPhoto- Jaivik Foods

The use of Decontamination Plants is an efficient way of ensuring the safety of food products. It can be utilized in spices to decontaminate them at the raw material stage. The process involves treating the food products under two conditions-

●       high pressure

●       atmospheric pressure.

Products are exposed to steam for a short pre-determined period to reduce the bacterial load of the material. This process helps maintain the product quality while also being economical since one equipment can be used to dry and cool the material within a short time.

Decontamination plant solutions offered by Jaivik Foods for food processing plants help enhance product quality. The systems offered have the technology for performing drying as well as cooling operations.

Retain your product’s integrity with Fluidized bed systems

For gentle and even drying and to preserve the quality of the materials, Jaivik Foods offers Fluidized bed systems that use an upward flow of heated air and mechanical shaking to create a fluidized effect in food products to be dried. These can be used for a wide variety of foods and food ingredients, with hygienic design as required by the industry.

Special executions with CIP/WIP and GMP design, increased residence time, and operation with low oxygen levels are available. The systems are used for drying, cooling, roasting, expanding, removal of solvents, cooking, decontamination, and deactivating.

Spice sterilizer-dryer

Jaivik provides a Spice sterilizer-dryer that decontaminates the spices without affecting their quality. The products can be supplied to a fluid bed directly and may be in the form of crystals, fibers or fibrous materials, granules, pellets, gravel-type products up to 30 mm, powders bigger than 80 m, or polymers. The medium used for drying the products is air (dry or humid), steam, or inert gas. The sources of heat used may be natural, bio-, propane, waste gas, steam, oil, and desiccant air.

Jaivik Foods also provides a De-Dusting System to complement the above process for a high-quality finished product.

Jaivik Foods does it all for you

Jaivik Foods offers design and engineering, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning as well as testing facilities to determine the best possible product performance on a laboratory, pilot plant, and industrial scale.

Jaivik Foods can customize the process as per the customer’s requirements with a complete understanding of the decontamination process discussed above. Get in touch with Jaivik Foods for a full study and discussion on the same and come up with the best solutions for your plant.

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