MONIN brings artisanal beverage know-how to cater to Indian hospitality professionals & consumers

The company strengthens its position in the country with Rs 200 crore investment for setting up a manufacturing plant in Telangana
MONIN brings artisanal beverage know-how to cater to Indian hospitality professionals & consumers
Germain Araud, managing director, MONIN India

With over 100 years of experience in crafting flavors, MONIN has become the world's leading provider of premium gourmet flavorings for bar and catering professionals. The company has developed the broadest range of unrivaled and exclusive recipes, premium syrups, fruit mixes, gourmet sauces, and frappe powders for unlimited drink creations. Its offers over 150 flavors in nineteen different formats available across 150 countries.

MONIN believes that one size doesn't fit all. Backed by six production facilities worldwide (2 in France, 2 in the US, 1 in Malaysia, and 1 in China), MONIN has become an expert in creating tailored solutions to suit individual needs. Its imaginative drink solutions can respond to the demands of all professionals - delivering quality, multiple flavors, and originality in all applications. The company believes that this personal approach has enabled them to build trusted partnerships that are a great fit.

MONIN Experience Studio – House of Innovation

In September 2021, MONIN launched its first exclusive 'Experience Studio' also known as the 'House of Innovation' in India, which showcases experimentation with flavors and applications. The tastefully designed nature-inspired studio is spread across 3,500-square-foot in The Dhan Mill, New Delhi.

The  tastefully designed nature-inspired Monin studio is situated in The Dhan Mill, New Delhi
The tastefully designed nature-inspired Monin studio is situated in The Dhan Mill, New DelhiPhoto - Monin

Commenting on the Monin Studio, Germain Araud, managing director, MONIN India, says, "MONIN Studio is a significant place for us to demonstrate new trends, creative ideas, new drinks and applications with different products like syrup, fruit mixes, sauces, frappe powder, etc." Monin prides itself with over 100 studios worldwide, with each studio catering to every local market need in terms of flavors and applications. This development comes after MONIN opened its wholly-owned subsidiary in Hyderabad as MONIN India. "Once we have a well-established Studio, we have further plans to open more studios in other major cities across India," he adds.

MONIN has a huge client base ranging from small independent cafes to QSR chains. According to Germain, the Experience Studio will offer its clients a more holistic experience. He adds, "We use this place to conduct several innovative, industry-related programs. We are also planning to have training sessions with industry experts to share new ideas for making the best beverage possible. The Studio will be a hub of training, learning, and helping clients with technical knowledge about the products and techniques of beverage presentation."

Germain Araud, managing director, MONIN India
Germain Araud, managing director, MONIN IndiaPhoto - Monin

Strengthening presence in India

With more than a hundred partners across its distribution network, MONIN is also looking at strengthening its presence in the country. The company has a 40+ member sales and beverage innovation team who works with clients across India to help them develop creative beverage and culinary solutions.

MONIN's Rs 200 crore investment in India also points to its commitment to strengthen its presence in the country. The company has acquired 40-acre land in Telangana for setting up a manufacturing site and has an exclusive in-house R&D center in Hyderabad to develop new flavors and product categories. Germain shares, "To address the demands of large key accounts in India, the factory will be a game-changer for us. We have lost some of those accounts to local competition because of the absence of a factory in India."

Photo - Monin

R&D and innovation

MONIN develops new flavors for the Indian market at the R&D center and makes sure that these flavors comply with FSSAI regulations. "In the past one year, we have introduced more than ten new flavors in the Indian market, and we will continue to add more flavors that are either existing in the MONIN global portfolio or are developed here in India. We also adjust some flavors to be more in sync with the Indian palate and the taste expectation because the taste is very subjective."

MONIN has recently launched a new and improved Le Frappe de MONIN Vanilla, curated specifically for the Indian market. "We already had the Frappe that we propose worldwide, but we wanted to develop a frappe that has a taste and a texture that matches the market's needs. The improved taste and texture of Frappe were developed, keeping in mind the uniqueness of the Indian palette. - A true 'Make in India' product," confirms Germain.

Le Frappe de MONIN Vanilla
Le Frappe de MONIN VanillaPhoto - Monin

'We sell solutions more than selling the brand'

According to Germain, MONIN is the first brand worldwide to bring this concept of using syrups, sherbets, and other related products to help its customers - the food service professionals create value and amazing things for India. Germain adds, "We are also known for consistent quality. There is a strong consistency in concentration within the production batch, which you don't find in other brands. We pride ourselves on having the most concentrated product means that for example, for the same you don't need to use as much quantity of a product to make this a similar drink as your competition needs."

Responsible sourcing and natural ingredient

MONIN takes pride in its best practices, such as responsible sourcing, natural ingredients, no artificial flavoring or coloring in the majority of its portfolio, and pure cane sugar for its syrups, making the brand a trusted partner for the industry for generations.

Speaking on artificial and nature identical additives, Germain adds, "We aim to remove nature-identical from our product portfolio as much as we can. We use more than 70% natural ingredients in our products and the target is to reach towards 100% in the coming months or years." According to Germain, they are not planning to make this change too abrupt as some Indian customers are not willing or ready to accept the change that it brings. He adds, "We will proceed step by step because we still need to deliver a product that is to the liking of the Indian audience. More than 70% is already a good achievement that no other players in this industry have either started or reached."

Regeneration project

As a part of the regeneration project, MONIN has acquired 80+ hectares of land in Portugal to set up that will become the largest organic Yuzu plantation/fruit farm in the world. It will use the fruit pulp as a key ingredient to one of its most iconic Fruit Mixes/Purees and reuse the by-products to be as sustainable as possible.

Germain states that the regeneration project in India will be along the same lines. "It will be close to nature. We will develop local flavors with fruits and plants. We are keen to work with local communities and tribal communities in the long run. We will plan to work on Indian herb spices foods, which may help revive and propose new flavors. Also, in the next 6 to 12 months, we will start launching an India's dedicated new product line along with new flavours developed specifically for the Indian market . We want to continue with passion, innovation, and creativity to inspire direct customers and the final consumers. We are well on our journey to becoming more and more Indian in India."

Partcipation in AAHAR

MONIN India participated at the 36th AAHAR International Food & Hospitality Fair with its biggest presence in India. This participation of MONIN India was of significance and importance as the company reiterated its focus on the Indian market with its direct presence through MONIN India. Sharing his experience at AAHAR, Germain adds, "It was a resounding success for us. We managed to gather a great industry stakeholders, including distributors, partners, and our clients. People from all over India came, and very important prospect companies such as Mc Donalds, Jubilant Food Works, etc. visited our stall. The exhibition concluded on a happy note as we bagged the gold medal for best display in the FnB category."

* MONIN Cup 2022 is back - A thrilling competition to unveil the talents of bartenders worldwide and, most notably, a special occasion to gather and enjoy the creativity of this community. More details will follow soon!

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