Responsible Whatr makes a splash with elegance of natural spring water

Refresh body and mind with every sip
Responsible Whatr makes a splash with elegance of natural spring water
Photo - Responsible Whatr

The Indian natural spring water brand Responsible Whatr promises to offer the untouched goodness of Indian essence from Solan in endlessly and infinitely recyclable aluminum cans.

Springing out of ardent research, Responsible Whatr was an outcome of a sheer passionate desire of bringing the freshest and healthiest natural spring water that is sourced and packaged sustainably whilst discouraging the use of single-use plastic bottles. Secured at source from an untouched natural water spring from Solan in Himachal Pradesh, Responsible Whatr satiates the thirst like no other. With the natural properties of water, the company went overboard and made a bigger splash in bottles water sustainability to provide its customers with a sustainable packaging solution and chose aluminum cans made with more than 70% recycled aluminum, over plastic or glass bottles.

Having sourced untouched natural spring water in Solan, Himalayas, the water offers a natural PH value of around 7.4 – 7.6 (towards alkaline). “We are glad to inform you that Responsible Whatr provides an all-natural mineral composition with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and much more. The quality of water, if not the best, but is easily comparable to some of the best global brands,” informs Ankur Chawla, co-founder and director, Responsible Whatr. “Our product not only appeals to the health-conscious drinkers because of the better mineral content and greater PH value but also indulges a commoner for household water as it ensures untouched, natural spring water canned at the source.”

Photo - Responsible Whatr

Quenching thirst with nature’s best

Chawla informs that the company was ready to flood the market with Responsible Whatr but found itself in the 2020 pandemic hit. Later the product was launched right in the middle of the pandemic. During this phase, the company faced a sudden spin in civilization, making consumers extra conscious of what goes in their bellies. “Before COVID-19, consumers of diverse demographic stripes had been experimenting with conscious eating and drinking to achieve a range of health and sustainability goals that have become as important to them as traditional goals like losing weight. However, the pandemic accelerated the trend, spurring consumers to eat fresher and drink healthier. We bring water to the thirsty, as it is, as nature provides,” he adds.

Photo - Responsible Whatr

Responsible Whatr variants:

  • 500ml Still water | Case of 24 cans

For Hotels | Homes | Restaurants | Outdoor Events | Cafes | Bars | Gyms | Outdoor Seating’s, and much more.

  • 250ml Still water | Case of 36 cans

Perfect for Outdoor Events | Conferences | Banquets | Airlines | Cinemas | Single Pours with any drink of choice.

  • 250ml Sparkling water

The shelf life for all the products is one year. The MRP in India is INR. 45/- for 250ml and INR. 75/- for 500ml.

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A can has more than one life

Sustainability plays an integral part in Responsible Whatr’s DNA. This implies an emphasis on dealing appropriately with packaging and cans and reducing carbon emissions and energy use in their production and supply wherever possible.

The company’s entire plant is situated in the natural valley in Solan to generate local employment. Chawla further shares, “All of our employees to date are from the local area itself. We do rain-water harvesting, and we will achieve zero carbon emissions within this financial year. Our cans are made with more than 70% recycled aluminum. Post that, we are also doing some tie-ups with the high volume accounts to collect back the crushed cans and assure it reaches the right place for the end-to-end recycling.”

Road ahead

The company proudly shares the great response and results it has received in North India since the launch and plans to go forward.

1.        Increase presence domestically

2.       Elevate exports by 15%.

3.       Increasing the SKUs to build up the portfolio.

Ankur Chawla, co-founder and director, Responsible Whatr
Ankur Chawla, co-founder and director, Responsible WhatrPhoto - Responsible Whatr

Message for all budding entrepreneurs

“I always feel true entrepreneurship starts from a purpose or a solution to a problem, and the rest of everything follows. It might not be easy, but it is worth it.

We started in the pandemic when we didn’t know the near future, but believing in the system and hard work pays. Rest, I keep speaking with a lot of people in the community, especially the ones who have walked the path, and you always keep learning from them. And, similarly, I love spending time with budding entrepreneurs and sharing experiences”, Chawla wraps up.

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