Tea Bro – a tea connoisseur’s paradise

Relish authentic Indian flavors made only in seconds with Tea Bro’s pre-brewed tea liquid (decoction)
Tea Bro – a tea connoisseur’s paradise
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Made, served, and sipped for innumerable decades now, tea (popularly known as Chai) is a staple for every Indian household. Regardless of what the season is, a hot cup of tea is believed to be the ultimate way to alleviate the mood. However, this steaming cup of happiness isn’t available everywhere; if so, it lacks authenticity. Well, that’s where Tea Bro makes its way with its instant cup of tea made within seconds.

Tea Bro is a Ready-to-Drink Tea, a pre-brewed tea made to perfection with the finest Assam Teas bought from its lush green estates.

Established in 2021, Tea Bro, was made with the ideation of enjoying a quick, clean, tasteful cup of tea at anytime and anywhere, as per convenience, without the hassle of boiling, sieving, or spilling.

“Like every other Indian our love for tea is an emotion, and the urge to sip into a perfect cup whenever consumed was a must but seemed next to impossible while traveling or being away from home or when simply in a hurry.  We tried using teabags but observed that the process of brewing in teabags was never complete, as by the time brewing is complete the temperature of the water went down. Having felt like a compromise on the tea-drinking experience. Our next venture was with premixes, and although we were glad about the ease it provided, it felt like a notch down for quality. Well, that’s when Tea Bro was envisioned, a pre-brewed tea made from the finest quality raw material. All you need to do is add hot water, and your hot cup for flavorsome tea is ready within seconds,” explained Kartic Sharma, founder, Tea Bro.  

Photo - Tea Bro

Rip, stir, sip and enjoy

Tea Bro promises to be the first pre-brewed tea brand in India and offers a variety of flavors such as: masala tea, ginger tea, cardamom tea, cinnamon tea, black pepper tea, Indian spice blend tea, English breakfast tea, and much more. The company also assures being vegan friendly making it a perfect alternative for almond, oat, or cashew milk.

The packaging of the product, is observed to be a step towards environmentally friendly packaging, and in a tea decoction format to serve its utility. Varying from single-serve tea pods to bulk serving, and is also available in tea kit format comprising: tea, milk, sugar, and a stirrer.

“Tea is a beverage consumed most after water. And with urbanization taking its course pace, we believe that the Ready-to-Drink segment will soon observe a hike. Being a product-first company in this segment, we look forward to making every cup of tea better than its last one and ready instantly,” says Sharma. “We have our website for direct consumer purchase and have also positioned ourselves in the online store (BigBasket, Flipkart, Amazon) and offline segments (hotels, airlines, offices, cafes).”

Photo - Tea Bro

Steering high roads ahead

Sharing about the company’s plans for the future, Sharma explains, “We look forward to a dramatic increase in sales and production capacity while catering to every individual needs, as tea has the second-largest consumed beverage in our country. And lastly, to penetrate the distribution segment domestically and internationally.”

Kartik Sharma, founder, Tea Bro
Kartik Sharma, founder, Tea BroPhoto - Tea Bro

Message for all budding entrepreneurs

“My only message for every entrepreneur is to look for the difference. If you have an eye to make something better, simpler, or faster, do it. Refrain from following trends, and make new ones because uniqueness matters. And yes, never let anything stop the motivation because you might need time to find the difference, however, entrepreneurship has no age, so keep working,” Sharma concludes.

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