Why you should buy a checkweigher from METTLER TOLEDO Garvens/Hi-Speed

Top 10 reasons for your decision. Making every gram count.
Why you should buy a checkweigher from METTLER TOLEDO Garvens/Hi-Speed

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Reason #1: Checkweighers make you money! Use material savings for more products and profits

While checkweighers are often only associated with compliance to regulations, they also boost your bottom line through:

  • The reduction of waste

  • Tightening of tolerances

  • Helping to produce more consistent products

Checkweighers immediately help to increase productivity and profits with most systems paying for themselves in a few months or even weeks. An accurate checkweigher will drive tighter production tolerances, yielding less waste, enabling more final products to be produced with the same amount of inventory.

Reason #2: Fewer false rejects, less rework & reduced scrap – and higher customer satisfaction

Processes that incorporate an accurate, well maintained checkweigher also result in fewer "reject products"! Tighter tolerances lead to improved overall process quality, thereby reducing the amount of production scrap and reworked products produced. False rejects are also minimized as zone settings become more refined.

Using checkweighing as a tool to tighten production tolerances and make processes more repeatable is a key element in making a consistently high quality product – and saving money at the same time.

Reason #3: Avoid costly fines and tarnished brand reputation with 100% weight inspection

Ensure compliance with government regulations and industry standards through in-line checkweighing of all packages. 100% weight inspection is an integral part of a co-ordinated quality and process control program helping to deliver the documentation and process insight needed in today's demanding market.

Reason #4: Mettler Toledo support you – and its products

  • Product tests and demonstration lab ensure best checkweighing solution for product handling and sorting

  • Dedicated project managers to manage equipment from best startup through end of warranty period

  • Largest field service network in the industry; technicians are factory trained and regularly kept informed

  • Four levels of service agreements – choose from Basic, Standard, Comprehensive and Extended

  • Specific spare part kits to have at hand on site keep unplanned downtime to an absolute minimum

Reason #5: Don't risk client relationships! Invest – in a higher yield of good products

Don't jeopardize contracts with clients by short shipping products or case counts. Checkweighers and caseweighers ensure that multi-packs and case shipments are complete and correct!

Reason #6: Mimimize product giveaway by fillers while ensuring legal compliance!

Feedback control monitors filler performance, preventing unwanted over and underfills through proactive regulation of the filler, to keep fill heads properly adjusted. Checkweighers can be integrated directly with the filler control or networked to existing factory floor automation systems.

Reason #7: Integrated metrics drives process improvements and efficiency

Checkweighers provide real-time monitoring of production processes, including yield statistics and SPC trending all of which can be used for process improvements and operating efficiencies. Open interfaces such as OPC UA, Pack ML and Fieldbus enable IoT/Industry 4.0 initiatives so that production data can be accessed, analyzed and controlled anytime and anywhere. ProdX, METTLER TOLEDO's data management PC software, enables seamless integration with all product inspection devices to facilitate process control.

Reason #8: Precision weighing for highest accuracy

Sophisticated monoblock electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR) load cells designed and produced in Switzerland, or high-quality strain gauge load cells, are the base for highly reliable weighing results

Intelligent filter algorithms eliminate vibrations from the environment to maximize measurement accuracy

A stable frame with optimal resonant frequency; load cell and weigh platform positioned centrally ensure highest weighing accuracy

Reason #9: Labor saving operation

Use of static scales to spot-check products is common to many operations; use of in-line checkweighing eliminates potential sampling errors and long-term labor costs inherent to these types of operations. A configurable and multilingual user interface offers intuitive operation of METTLER TOLEDO checkweighers.

Reason #10: Increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

100% monitoring of the items produced provides valuable indication of process variations which lead to unexpected downtime events and reduced line capacity (both deteriorating OEE) caused by out-of-tune upstream devices. Problem solutions can be sought to address the process variations, and increase OEE.

For more information contact:

Mettler-Toledo Group

Product Inspection Division

Local contact: www.mt.com/contacts


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