Xotik captures Indian taste buds with its quirky & pocket-friendly drinks

The brand aims to expand its beverage portfolio, production facilities & PAN India presence
Xotik captures Indian taste buds with its quirky & pocket-friendly drinks

Xotik beverage portfolio

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Founded in 2007, Xotik Frujus entered the Indian markets with its flagship product, Jeeru - an apple-based fizzy masala drink curated specifically for Indian taste buds. Today, with a diverse and varied beverage range, the brand has gone beyond the realms of desi masala drinks and is slowly entering the young, urban Indian markets. Speaking of the brand, Ankita Sehgal, director, Xotik Frujus, says, "We pride ourselves to be a company dedicated to serving Indians with beverages they can call their own."

Xotik has a wide portfolio of drinks, including Xotik exotic still fruit drinks, sparkling fruit drinks, carbonated fruit juice-based drinks, and crisp premium soda, besides hero products - Jeeru and Diet Jeeru. The latest addition to the brand's portfolio is Hammer, the energy drink for the young audience. "From our vast portfolio, Jeeru occupies the highest market share," Sehgal adds.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Jeeru, Vanilla Float &amp; Hammer drinks in new packaging</p></div>

Jeeru, Vanilla Float & Hammer drinks in new packaging

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Robust trade and distribution network

What initially started as a small office in Mumbai, Xotik is now set to become a nationally recognized beverage brand. It claims to have a robust trade and distribution network of over 850 distributors and strong vendor relations, which has enabled it to reach 17 states and UT across the country, including railway stations in central, western, northwestern, and south networks. It also has a presence in national to local modern trade chains across the country, including Best Price (Walmart), Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, DMart, Reliance Retail, Aditya Birla Retail, Spencers, Hypercity, Magsons, Heritage, Auchan, Dheeraj Sons, Vijetha, Ratnadeep, Metro Cash n Carry, Booker Wholesale and many more.

Commenting on the international reach, Sehgal adds, "After making a mark nationally, we have also established Xotik internationally, with presence in countries including the US, UK, and Canada. As we continue to expand, Xotik is ready to capture India's taste buds with its quirky and pocket-friendly drinks. The company's long-term goal is to reach wherever the Indian soul is."

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Ankita Sehgal, director, Xotik Frujus</p></div>

Ankita Sehgal, director, Xotik Frujus

"When Xotik's ambitions grew from a regional player to a national player in the beverage sector, it decided to diversify its product range. Further, Xotik ensured to have a detailed understanding of the various markets that the brand has ventured into."

Processing and manufacturing facilities

Xotik procures the majority of its raw materials from Indian partners and ensures that all the raw materials are purchased from highly certified vendors, suppliers to the industry's largest names. According to Sehgal, it enables them to follow standardized procedures following industry requirements. She adds, "To minimize any human contact, we execute the process of cleansing, filling, and packaging through fully automatic machines. We then process the raw materials to produce the superior quality final products, which are then sold to countries all over the world."

Xotik has its manufacturing facilities with fully automatic machines at Daman and Diu and Howrah, West Bengal, and contract manufacturing facilities at Indore, Madhya Pradesh; Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh; and Sri Lanka.

USP & competition

Sehgal counts ParleAgro's Dhishoom, Coca-Cola's RimZim, and regional players such as Bindu Jeera and Hajoori & Sons' (Sosyo) Kashmira as significant competitors for its flagship product Jeeru. She states, "With consistent quality maintenance of Xotik products, ensuring the seamless flow of timely supplies even during these trying times, provision of services to bridge the distribution gaps, building a strong network of trade partners and a strong sales team that has trusted the brand over the years, we have continuously attempted to stay ahead of the competitors."

Expanding wings with a complete beverage portfolio

According to Sehgal, Xotik upholds its constant efforts to provide consumers with safe, hygienic, tasty, and refreshing products available at pocket-friendly prices. "We are keen on expanding our production capabilities to ensure a smooth and continuous supply. With a growing audience showing an affinity for our products, we are determined to cater to our target audience with a complete beverage portfolio. Moreover, we are looking at integrating technology at all significant levels in the company for quick decision making and to ensure constant growth and development," she concludes.

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