A boost for biscuit manufacturers

A boost for biscuit manufacturers
Photo - Syntegon

Who doesn’t like a biscuit from time to time? Producers are keen to make the most of this opportunity, but they have to do more than just increase output. Consumers increasingly look for more healthy and clean-label products, which often come in new shapes, sizes, and textures. To meet these challenges, the right equipment is key. Syntegon is introducing the Pack 301 LS with auto-measuring loader (SDML). The horizontal flow wrapper handles baked goods gently and offers maximum flexibility – perfect for competing in biscuit market.

Designed to meet the rising demand for biscuits, Syntegon’s Pack 301 LS horizontal flow wrapper with SDML packages biscuits, sandwich biscuits, cookies, and crackers now more efficiently than ever. It processes up to 250 packs per minute (with duplex infeed) and packs round, square, or rectangular biscuits or crackers on edge.

Photo - Syntegon

Flexibility for dynamic market demands

Setting the Pack 301 LS with SDML apart is the flexibility it offers producers. Quick and easy format changeovers enable processing of different shapes and sizes of biscuit on the same machine while simultaneously ensuring high uptime. Products can be loaded into the wrapper via a simplex or duplex infeed. Syntegon also offers various levels of infeed automation to fit every production site, ranging from hand loading to fully automated. As the Pack 301 LS features a modular and thus easily scalable design, manufacturers are free to increase automation and add further equipment later on. The modular design also offers highly flexible, customizable layout configurations. For manufacturers looking to update their entire production, Syntegon provides the Pack 301 LS as an integrated system including all upstream and downstream equipment, such as vibratory conveyers, cartoning or case packing machines. 

Efficient but gentle

While flexibility becomes ever more important in today’s market, maintaining product quality has always been crucial. Packaging crumbly biscuits or crisp but brittle crackers can be a challenge in this regard. Additionally, the new trend for healthier offerings, such as gluten-free, low-calorie, low-fat, or high-fiber biscuits means manufacturers now have to adapt to different, often quite fragile textures. The Pack 301 LS with SDML was designed to handle delicate baked goods particularly gently and minimize product loss: the product is transferred from the cross chain into the wrapper’s infeed chain fully servo controlled. Pre-acceleration ensures optimum synchronization between both units and thus all but eliminates impact on the baked goods. Counter holding pins and side chains or belts gently guide them further, until they are safely wrapped.

Photo - Syntegon

With its winning combination of increased output, maximum flexibility and gentle but efficient product handling, the Pack 301 LS with SDML has already gathered keen interest from leading biscuit manufacturers and is sure to give their production a competitive edge.

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