A game changer for snack manufacturers SVL 2310

A game changer for snack manufacturers SVL 2310
Photo - Syntegon

Consumer eating habits are evolving: gone are the days of adhering to three square meals; consumers are seeking snack options that not only satisfy their taste buds but also meet their nutritional requirements. To meet these market needs, Syntegon is introducing the SVL 2310, a vertical packaging machine designed to efficiently package snacks, ensuring highest product quality and output.

Even before the rise in popularity of on-the-go snacks, manufacturers have been faced with multiple challenges: for example, low-density snacks are often fragile and break easily, spoiling the experience for consumers. Additionally, brand owners need to consider a variety of packaging options, not only in terms of sizes, formats, and designs, but also when it comes to packaging materials. Syntegon knows the diverse snack industry as well as the Indian market and consequently launched the continuous vertical bagger SVL 2310 for efficiently packaging a broad range of products at high speeds.

Photo - Syntegon

Made for market needs

The SVL 2310 is engineered to accommodate low-density snacks of all shapes, sizes, and textures, including chips, puffed rice, popcorn, peanut flips, and extruded snacks. Given how easily these snacks crumble during packaging and transport, manufacturers need to put special focus on their packaging equipment. Syntegon’s new vertical bagger comes with a low drop height to avoid product breakage and guarantee optimal quality. Additionally, the machine’s hermetic sealing system as well as an inert gas flow contribute to crispy and delicious snacks and an extended shelf-life. This is particularly important for India’s extensive distribution networks where food products are transported over long distances.

Maximum efficiency, minimal space

Besides ensuring consistent product quality, the SVL 2310 boosts production efficiency thanks to its high speed. With 105 bags per minute, the vertical bagger allows snack manufacturers to meet the market’s growing demand – even with limited shopfloor space, due to its small footprint and effective space utilization.

The SVL 2310 is also designed for ease of maintenance. A user-friendly HMI supports operators with machine diagnostics for an uninterrupted packaging process. Additionally, operators can easily change between different formats or adjust belts without using tools, allowing for a quick production ramp-up and reduced downtimes. These tool-less changeovers come in especially handy when frequently changing packaging material: the SVL 2310 is able to process both PET and BOPP film without lengthy interruptions of the production. For either packaging material, a vacuum belt draw-off ensures optimal control of bag parameters – reducing film waste for an efficient resource usage.

As early trials with customers have shown, Syntegon’s SVL 2310 allows manufacturers to gear up to the market’s soaring demand for low-density snacks – offering improved packaging quality, customization options, and highest production efficiency.

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